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Consider the definition of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS): “integrated knowledge base tools that leverage business applications to provide a higher level analysis of the facilities system and prioritize between decision alternatives.” Prior to the creation of IWMS, Facilities Managers had no real tool that pooled all of the company’s information. 

HR, IT, and Accounting all had their own individual software platforms in place and the FM was expected to patchwork all the data together so that their team, managing department heads, and the Executives upstairs had enough real-time, relevant data to make informed decisions that affected the entire workforce. Management was expected to maximize the value of their resources and portfolio, while pulling usable data from multiple disparate resources. This was not the model of an efficient system and was definitely not maximizing resources. FMs and other business professionals needed the different platforms to link up, talk to each other and compile data via algorithms, therefore speeding the data collection and examination process exponentially. The answer? Integrated Work Management Systems; One integrable tool that brings the entire organization together.



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