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    10 Key Benefits of Space Management Software

    James McDonald

    So you want to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and invigorate your personnel? What rational business professional doesn’t? These are key components to a successful business or organization, but finding the right mix of personnel, structured routines, long-term and short-term planning, and spreadsheet data utilization can prove a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some excellent space management tools on the market, which are specifically designed to ease this and other processes for increasing the overall productivity of your company.


    #1. What Do You Have and How Is It Being Used?

    Simply addressing the space you have and how it is utilized on a regular basis can have an immediate impact on office organization and the costs associated. The question quickly switches from how and when is the space being used to how can we reduce the costs and optimize usage vs. personnel ratios. Like any scientific study, you need long-term consistent data to help explain trends in the subject group. The same is true of space utilization, which is why being able to monitor usage on a regular basis is so important to gain a foothold in your initial steps.

    #2. The Proof Is in the Numbers

    As your picture of the space starts to develop, the data you’re collecting will start to sharpen the focus on potential areas of restructuring. Maybe there is space available, but isn’t needed for the organizational structure? The numbers will help bear out what steps are best to take next.

    #3. Reduce to Grow

    Once you are able to trim costs associated with excess, you can find more productive uses for the new balance. Essential equipment repairs, added personnel, or redesigning the existing space to be more effective can all be advantages of reducing space costs. And changing how the space operates can be a huge advantage for your employees and customers.

    #4. Look Ahead

    Once you are monitoring the trends of your space usage, you will be able to make adjustments that benefit the overall process and its efficiency. You will also be able to plan for mid and long-term growth. Plan for a space that will meet your future needs now and you will be that much more prepared for what’s ahead.

    #5. Compiling Information

    Space Management software is especially adept at crunching the numbers and giving back accurate data. The time-tested spreadsheets and manual data collection systems are quickly being replaced with all in one programs, which can easily calculate multiple factors and variables, in any scenario you can imagine. The room for error is greatly reduced and the process is made easier and quicker, giving more time for other concerns.

    #6. Real Time Mobility

    Many software vendors now offer mobile applications, which allow you to monitor space usage in real time, from any mobile device. This allows for increased communication between space occupants as well as management. For instance, assume that a last-minute meeting space is needed. From a remote location, users can see what’s available, schedule the meeting, invite attendees and reserve equipment needed for the meeting, ensuring everything is handled as smoothly as possible.

    #7. Space Is the Place

    As you increase the efficiency of your space and are able to track what changes are making the biggest impact, it becomes easier to approach upper management with data supporting large scale office re-designs or moves. Efficiency of a space often hinges on how the overall design connects the personnel. The modern office design supports the idea of a community approach, in which open floor plans and common interactive spaces encourage conversation and collaboration.

    “The huge space was designed so walking from one point to another doesn't take more than five minutes. And seating areas complete with chalkboards, called "interactive nodes," are strategically placed near the restrooms. Approaches like these have led to a dramatic increase in productive, chance encounters among people from disparate functions.” -Tom Peters

    #8. Chargebacks and Expenditures

    With the space monitored, there should rarely be instances of charge back disputes. Real time data supports usage and can even be set to automatically report to bookkeeping daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Space monitoring will also encourage focused usage of time, which will promote more effective meetings and overall improved processes.

    #9. Make the Move Happen

    Remember when you started tracking usage of your space, in case a move was needed in the future? The time has arrived. You have outgrown the existing space, which is a good thing. Luckily, your space management software is prepared for your next steps, too. With the aid of the software, you have identified which departments have the most to move or will be the most challenging logistically to move. You can strategize your move, itemize your moving pieces, and keep the entire organization abreast of the impending move.

    And The Tenth Benefit of Space Management Software: Top Resource: Your Workforce

    In all of the data gathering, re-designs, moves, reductions, and expansions, don’t forget the people involved. The space management software is also monitoring the productivity of your organization. Knowing that you are making decisions for the work environment and how best to use the space, in order to serve your clients/employees, can be just the type of positive and proactive approach that excites and invigorates your people.

    Facilities managers who wish to make the most of all organizational resources must have a clear picture of how the office space is used and managed. Methods such as paper floor plans and excel spreadsheets have worked historically, but as the workspace dynamics evolve, so, too, must our managing tools. Now, more than ever, it is critical for management to have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information, as decisions must often be made at a moment’s notice. The advantages to investing in a space management software solution are indisputable. And since these tools are affordable for companies of any size, and the integration process is easy (assuming you have aligned yourself with the right vendor) such an investment is achievable and beneficial for even the smallest of businesses.

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    James McDonald


    James McDonald

    James McDonald is a sports enthusiast, brother in Christ and once swam in a tank with the infamous TV sharks.

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