10 Reasons IT Pros Should Care About the Employee Experience

by Kenton Gray on June 14, 2018

Technology and the happiness of the workforce are inextricably entwined. And as the wardens of workplace technology, IT professionals play a pivotal role in the employee experience.

However, not every IT pro has embraced this fact.

To help IT teams everywhere understand just how important they are to building a satisfied and engaged workforce, we put together a list of 10 reasons why the employee experience must be a priority for IT professionals.

Why IT Pros Should Care About The Employee Experience

1. Almost 83 percent of professionals depend on technology for collaboration. (Alfresco)

2. Nearly 30 percent of employees say workplace technology influences their employee experience. (YouEarnedIt)

3. Employers that support employee connectivity via social technologies see a 20-25 percent increase in productivity. (McKinsey Global Institute)

4. A searchable knowledge database can reduce the time employees spend looking for company information by up to 35 percent. (McKinsey Global Institute)

5. Thirty-three percent of employees say the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues has the greatest effect on their employee experience and loyalty to their employer. (The Economist)

6. The use of enterprise mobile technology leads to better business processes, increased productivity, competitive advantages and greater employee satisfaction. (Apperian)

7. The ability to quickly and easily access information has the most impact on productivity for 42 percent of professionals and the greatest influence on satisfaction for 31 percent. (The Economist)

8. Over 80 percent of professionals believe technological advances have helped improve their productivity and will continue to increase their productivity in the future. (CIO Insight)

9. An employer that is described by its workforce as “a pioneer of” or “good at” mobile technology is more likely to attract talented job candidates, get the best out of its employees and enable creativity and innovation. (The Economist)

10. When employees feel their employers use mobile technology effectively, they rate themselves as more satisfied, loyal, creative and productive than employees who believe their employer’s use of mobile technology is insufficient or ineffective. (The Economist)

Using Technology to Enhance The Employee Experience

Research by Jacob Morgan found technology is one of the three most important factors that impact the employee experience. Companies that invested heavily in the employee experience including workplace technology—earned more than four times the average profit and two times the average revenue compared to those that didn’t

As the gatekeepers of technology, IT professionals play an important role in facilitating a positive experience for employees. They can make it easier by using workplace technology that integrates with the software and systems they use already and giving employees tools they can easily use themselves.

To learn more about how IT pros can win workplace battles, check out our latest resource. 


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