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    20 Asset Types Facilities Managers Can Start Tracking Today

    George Banos

    Facilities managers are responsible for innumerable assets, and these assets are as unique as the facilities that you run. Whether you're managing large machinery or digital facilities assets, a facilities management Whether your technicians repair air conditioners or Iphones, it's important to track these assets and understand their maintenance needs.system can help you keep track of the age, maintenance history, and data about your assets. Facilities managers are responsible for tracking various types of assets and some items may be overlooked.

    Information Management Assets

    Some of the most common and challenging assets to manage are those that work with your data. Information management assets such as computers and copiers cause your employees many difficulties if they're not running smoothly. Well-managed computer systems facilitate employee communication. It's also important to keep track of your digital assets such as software licenses to ensure that they don't run out. FMs often remember to maintain desktop technologies, but mobile technologies are sometimes overlooked. In the world of information management, you'll need to track and maintain:

    • Printers
    • Copiers / MFD fleet
    • Desktop and laptop computers
    • Other IT Equipment
    • Software licenses

    Computer problems are one of the most common challenges that facilities technicians face, since computer emergencies aren't always easy to predict.Employee Personal Equipment

    One of the most overlooked areas of asset management is employees' personal equipment. While you know that you need to maintain your vehicle fleet so that it's safe for employees to use, other types of personal equipment are essential although easy to ignore, but these items may have a big impact on your employees' health and safety. When you're tracking employee-related assets, you should track:

    • Safety equipment
    • Badges
    • Mobile Devices
    • Radios
    • Uniforms
    • Keys
    • Vehicles

    Facility-Related Assets

    These assets are what you might think of when you're planning facilities maintenance and management. They're what makes your business look good or what brings down the overall feel of your facilities. Excellent equipment ensures that employees have a good workflow and that employees and external organizations have well-maintained places to meet. It is important to ensure that you maintain all of these physical assets, including items such as break room appliances that keep employees happy at work. The facility-related assets that you must track include:

    • Floors
    • HVAC equipment
    • Paint
    • Signs
    • Lighting
    • Desk
    • Carpet
    • Break room appliances

    How iOFFICE Can Help You Track Your Facilities Assets

    When you're tracking your assets, you need to move beyond paper and homemade spreadsheets. You need a facilities management system that allows you to track all of your assets efficiently to ensure that your facilities run well. A facilities management system can help you define and classify your assets so that you know what you have and where. You can create custom reporting criteria and metrics so you know who's using your assets and how this impacts their maintenance.

    iOFFICE is flexible enough that you can update assets with new locations and owners, tag them with photos, and use barcodes to scan and track each asset more efficiently. When it's time for service, a facilities management system can help you record maintenance and set a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that your assets are well cared for.

    When you're looking for a facilities management system, iOFFICE can help you create a system that supports employee efficiency and productivity. When your facilities management system works well, your employees are satisfied and so are your customers. Contact iOFFICE today to see how our facilities management and asset tracking software can help your business.

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    George Banos


    George Banos

    George Banos, joined iOFFICE in 2010 and specializes in solving workplace management challenges and improving facility operations by engaging with clients from discovery to implementation.

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