3 New IWMS Software Updates That Will Transform Your Workplace

by Kenton Gray on May 18, 2018

Like your workforce, our IWMS software is constantly evolving.

We’re always making improvements to give you better visibility into the needs of your workplace and more flexibility to manage it.

After a lot of feedback from you and a lot of work behind the curtain from our developers, I can finally share some exciting updates. If you were at our Workplace Champions Summit last week, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at them. But in case you missed it, here are the biggest ones.

Our 3 Big IWMS Software Updates of 2018 (So Far)

1. A New And Improved Stacking Diagram

When you’re thinking about making a change, sometimes it helps to see your workplace from a different perspective. That’s exactly what our new stacking diagram offers.

The screen incorporates a responsive design that immediately displays results as you update the report criteria. This improved screen provides you with a more intuitive, user-friendly experience, allowing you to efficiently analyze your space utilization.

Users can see a bird’s eye view of their workplace by building, employee group, room type and more. When you change a field, the diagram updates automatically, allowing you to see multiple points of data at once without having to toggle back and forth between views.

Our stacking diagram also allows you to drag and drop users to different floors so you can visualize moves based on building distribution. That was a cool feature in itself, but we’ve taken it one step further and allowed users to actually turn your diagrams into move requests. (It’s almost like having your own personal genie to carry out your wishes.)

2. Updates to Our Service Request Module

There are thousands of different service requests your employees might make on any given day, but most fall into a few main buckets. To make it easier for your employees to submit service requests and for you to manage them, we’ve updated our service request module and the employee-facing app. Employees can choose from a simplified menu of options and submit a request within a few taps on a smartphone or tablet, rather than having to scroll and search to find what they need.

Those managing service requests can now sort them by request type, time and more so they can better prioritize the work that needs to be done.

3. Hummingbird Employee Experience Software

Hummingbird is the ultimate employee experience software, bringing all the main functions of our IWMS software into one employee-facing app. Employees can easily find people and places, reserve space, request service and receive mail or visitors through the Hummingbird app. We released Hummingbird into the world earlier this year and have made a number of improvements to it since then, including:

  • A sleek, attractive design
  • The ability to add company events, announcements and more
  • Integrations with Slack so employees can more easily receive updates related to service requests, room reservations, mail and visitors
  • An integration with Microsoft Outlook (coming soon)
  • Integrations with Roam panels so employees and visitors can request service without having the Hummingbird app

More IWMS Software Updates Coming Soon

These updates make our IWMS software easier for workplace leaders to use and also allow employees to access the tools they need to be more productive, no matter where they are.

We know the workplace of the future will be employee-centric, data driven, connected and agile. We’re constantly developing and testing new technologies to achieve those goals, including better reporting capabilities and analytics on IoT sensors.

It’s been an exciting year so far, and we couldn’t have done all this without your input. And, of course, we’re far from finished. Stay tuned! 


Kenton Gray

Kenton joined iOFFICE in 2002 as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and now manages a team of ten developers and programmers. When we develop a new module or do a major upgrade, Kenton is the one who envisions the project and designs it from scratch.

Capterra Ratings: ★★★★★ 4.5/5