3 Ways Mailroom Management Software Enhances The Employee Experience

by James McDonald on September 18, 2017

We all like to poke fun at snail mail, but the truth is your organization still receives packages and critical documents through this more traditional avenue.

By integrating a mailroom management software, you simplify the entire mail process.Although email or social collaboration tools like Slack are the go-to for routine communication, traditional mail distribution systems are best for items that can’t be sent digitally primarily because of size. However, there are still laggards in the marketplace who are sending paper contracts and checks that require a chain of custody delivery process.

While tracking and organizing incoming and outgoing mail is a challenge, mailroom management software helps simplify and automate delivery processes. However, what you may not know is this software benefits your organization far beyond the mailroom.

Here are three opportunities you’ll miss by not investing in mailroom management software.

Opportunity #1: Decreased Operational Costs

Running a mostly manual mailroom requires a robust staff. Each task is performed by a human hand, and the man-hours and resources required to choreograph the sending and receiving of every parcel for a large organization adds up quickly.

The key advantage of using mailroom management software? Automation. Automating many of the tasks associated with mail management enables organizations to streamline their delivery staff and resources, helping to save personnel costs. Plus, automation decreases the potential for human error, which means increased accuracy. And with higher accuracy comes greater efficiency and productivity.

The workforce is mobile. Make it easier for employees to get packages by utilizing a mailroom management software.Opportunity #2: Supporting the Mobile Workforce

Mailroom managers aren’t dealing with the same workforce as they were 10 years ago. Today, employees aren’t just seated at a single workstation, or even in the office at all. They’re mobile. This makes tracking down employees and delivering packages a much more difficult undertaking.

Modern mail management systems that leverage the cloud and are able to automatically import employee data and are better designed to support the mobile workforce. Notifications can be sent from these systems via email or Slack notifying an employee that a package has been received and is ready for pick up when the employee is in the office.

Conversely, if mobile employees check into a workspace, this information can update the mail management system and trigger the mail team to provide personal delivery.

Regardless of the process, employees receive packages and critical documents in a timely manner and are efficiently notified of delivery status.

Opportunity #3: Better Customer Service

In today’s hyper-competitive, globalized market, the customer experience is priority No. 1.

Let’s say one of your sales executives is working on securing a big (and lucrative) deal. The day after the final presentation, the sales executive is headed on a much needed camping vacation. Because the customer presentation is in a field office, the sales executive decides to have some last minute camping equipment delivered to that office. The problem is the delivery team does not have software that automatically updates. He wants time-sensitive, confidential documents (those that cannot be sent electronically) delivered to the potential client. But something goes awry and the documents aren’t delivered on time.

Maybe the package was lost in the mailroom or the address was written down incorrectly or the delivery date wasn’t properly communicated to the right individuals. And when the potential client doesn’t receive the documents when expected, they become frustrated and likely start to think you organization is unreliable. Say goodbye to that big contract.

Mailroom management software helps prevent communication breakdowns between departments related to the sending and receiving of mail. The software also tracks the whereabouts of each piece of mail at all times and provides every person involved in the transaction with access to the mail’s progress. With mailroom management software, you can ensure both your clients and your prospective clients receive the mail they need.

For the foreseeable future, postal mail isn’t going anywhere. Eliminate the headaches of the mail delivery process—invest in mailroom management software today.

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