3 Things SaaS IWMS Can Offer That Hosted and On-premise Can’t

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on June 14, 2017

Comparing SaaS integrated workplace management systems to hosted or on-premise IWMS is like comparing a Major League ballplayer to a Little Leaguer. When it comes to data security and accessibility, expenses and ease of implementation, a SaaS IWMS is the champion of every category. Here are three things a SaaS IWMS can offer that a hosted or on-premise IWMS can’t.

A SaaS based IWMS eliminates excess equipment and implementation time, and in turn, lowers overhead costs.Lower Overhead Costs

Implementing an on-premise IWMS requires investing in additional equipment and maintaining a large internal IT department to manage maintenance and upgrades. This means a company would need to budget for additional workspaces, salaries, benefits and other costs associated with hiring employees.

But unlike an on-premise or hosted solution, a SaaS IWMS requires neither the purchase of equipment nor the need for additional IT personnel since the software vendor is expected to provide technical support. Also, since hardware isn’t required, implementation takes far less time than with an installed IWMS platform.

Remotely Accessible, Secure Data

While an on-premise IWMS allows your workforce to access data without an internet connection, this accessibility is limited to on-site employees. If an employee is working remotely, they will be unable to view the database. With a SaaS IWMS, however, the workforce has access to the database from any location at anytime since it is stored in the software vendor’s secure cloud server.

Accessibility to data isn't limited to your on-site employees with a SaaS based IWMS.

When an enterprise uses an on-premise solution, its internal IT department is responsible for routinely backing up data as well as having a contingency plan in place should the standard backup system fail. Conversely, providers of SaaS IWMS platforms will automatically back up all of the company’s data. The software vendors are also prepared to resolve any issues if something goes wrong with the server and minimize the associated downtime.

Painless, Automatic Upgrades

Although a hosted IWMS uses the software vendor’s servers and doesn’t require the organization to spend money on new equipment, any software upgrades cost more, which can sometimes be as much (or greater) than the original investment. But upgrades to a cloud-based IWMS require no extra costs—all expenses are included in the monthly subscription fee.

With a SaaS IWMS solution, all upgrades are thoroughly tested and automatically deployed, which means the business always has the latest and greatest version. And if a new module or feature becomes available, it can easily be added to the platform remotely.

Best of all, a SaaS IWMS will scale along with the business. While an on-premise or hosted IWMS may seem attractive now, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of a SaaS solution. A SaaS IWMS can help your business knock it out the park, instead of being thrown out at first.

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