5 Reasons To Move Your Facility Management Data To The Cloud

by Erin Sevitz on June 10, 2015

When it comes to storing important data and managing facilities of all sizes, there are many obstacles and challenges that you could face along the way. Through the use of iOffice’s innovative and flexible software solutions, facility managers and brands of all sizes can better manage their data while also taking control of their workplace environment.

Securing and managing your data is key, and in this article we’ll highlight some of the many benefits of using online data storage instead of keeping your valuable information on a hard drive. The cloud is one of the most popular options for data storage, and there are many good reasons why.Here are a few reasons facilities managers should move their data to the cloud

5 Reasons to Transfer Your Facility Movement Data to The Cloud

Cloud storage involves storing data on remote servers online, and it is the main alternative to manual hard-copy backups. The cloud offers unique benefits that surpass other storage options, and we have five game-changing reasons you should move your data to the cloud now.

1. It’s Cheaper

When you use the cloud, you don’t pay for hardware to back up your data and all of your files, or for more expensive online storage options. Cloud storage is cheaper than almost all other types of data storage. You also aren’t locked into any kind of long-term commitment contract (or shouldn’t be), and you can pay for what you need as you need it.

2. It’s Faster

Gone are the days where you’re forced to deal with manual backups or slow loading times.

Using the cloud means you can have automatic backups occurring in the background, while you continue working on whatever you need to, and without you having to think or worry about it. The cloud also offers servers that can be fired up and loaded very quickly.

The cloud offers faster deployments, automatic backups, and as we all know, time is money.

3. It’s Accessible Everywhere

With cloud or web-based data storage, not only is your data accessible only to those you want to give access to, but those individuals can access the data they need anywhere. If you’re on a trip or working out of the office and something crashes, you can pull your files off the cloud and restore them. You aren’t forced to wait until you are near physical hardware, which may be far away or difficult to access.

Other online storage options are known to have more servers, which tends to cause higher failure rates, which means you may struggle to access these servers at any point. The cloud doesn’t come with this issue.

4. It’s Flexible

It’s important for all types of businesses to know how to scale up quickly when they need to, and the cloud offers a great deal of flexibility that businesses need in this day and age. You’re able to scale up or down quickly if more resources are needed, or if your current resources just aren’t being used.

5. No Hardware Failure

A few years ago, before I discovered online data storage, I was only backing up my computer to a physical hard drive. Sure enough, when one computer died and I went to back up my old files on my new computer, the hard drive failed – and I lost six months of files. I was only able to keep the majority of my files thanks to having an older backup on another disc.

Hardware will eventually wear down and break; it is a physical object, and that’s just what happens. And, as life has it, it always seems to break at the worst possible times.

The cloud won’t leave you subject to hardware failure. Sure, you may have a faulty internet connection once in a while and may have trouble accessing it, but after that pesky problem is fixed, your data will be ready and waiting for you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, securing your facility’s data and making it easily accessible is key. After discovering how cloud data storage has proven to be safe, fast, cost effective, and efficient, shouldn’t you, as a facility manager, take advantage of it as well?

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