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    5 Things That Will Immediately Improve Visitor Experience

    Glenn Hicks

    Think about the last time you had a bad experience as a visitor to a facility: Maybe you felt unsafe about giving out your information while checking in, the receptionist wasn’t attentive or you sat alone in a lobby or conference room for an eternity with little to no communication. If you experienced any of these problems, your impression of the organization is likely less than stellar. 5 Things That Will Immediately Improve Visitor Experience

    Make sure you have a smooth check-in processA visitor’s first impression of your business starts the minute they walk through your door. And if it’s negative, it can hurt your ability to do everything from attract top job candidates to retain great clients.

    Luckily, it’s fairly easy to correct this issue. Here are five things you should do immediately to improve visitor experience.

    Streamlined Check-in Process

    The old days of “line up and wait” are quickly disappearing. Hotels are a great example of the new and improved check-in processes. From a completely customized greeting to checking in “at your leisure,” guests are experiencing a spectrum of approaches mixing new technology with exemplary customer service.

    Individual kiosks or iPads connected to visitor management software can help with the little details that so often make the experience less enjoyable. Personalize the check-in process by welcoming back return guests and offer pre-registration for a more convenient visit.

    Streamlined Security

    The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that in 2014, an estimated 17 million Americans were victims of identity theft. And nearly 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year, which includes everything from physical attacks to threats, harassment and intimidation. The traditional pen-and-paper sign-in sheet just won’t cut it when it comes to protecting your employees, guests and property.

    But maintaining security without inconveniencing your clients is a challenge. Technology can help you achieve that balance.

    Ask us how to use our visitor module and your company badging system to secure your workforce.

    It's important that your receptionist make a good impression on your visitorsConsistent Reception Etiquette

    Receptionists are the first and last ambassadors for your company — and they have the ability to make or break a visitor’s opinion of your customer service. Help your receptionists offer a consistently positive impression by reinforcing etiquette. Here are a few things to consider.

    • Dress code. A uniform or uniformed clothing creates a professional look tailored to your company brand and culture. The Hilton Hotel Sydney, Australia also includes a full-length mirror next to their employees’ door to promote pride in their appearance.
    • Scripted greetings. Welcoming words literally set the tone for a client’s visit. A salutatory script should include a friendly greeting, acknowledging the visitor’s value, identifying the employee and offering assistance. And most importantly, it should sound genuine.
    • Require regular training. Being on the front line can be intimidating. Make sure receptionists understand your company values, brand and approach by investing in regular training time. This will give them the confidence to interact with any client who walks through the door.
    • Automate. Eliminating time-consuming paperwork reduces interruptions for front-office staff and unchains your receptionist from the front desk. This helps your receptionist create a more engaged experience for your client.

    Pre-visit Communication

    Pre-visit communication is the perfect opportunity to establish a relationship with your client before they enter the building. You could use email, text or a phone call to confirm meeting dates and times, exchange pre-visit documents and send important information to help personalize their experience.

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    Wayfinding Software

    We rely on multiple apps to guide us through city streets, recommending the best routes and offering information on nearby restaurants, gas stations and shopping. Why not apply this technology to your corporate campus? Having clients use wayfinding software allows them to take control of their experience by navigating their environment in a more adaptive, personalized manner. The benefits of interactive wayfinding include:

    • Reducing the requirement for staff to help direct visitors to their location
    • Searching an interactive directory instead of a static list allows people to filter large lists of names alphabetically, by department, position, etc.

    Creating a first-class visitor experience for your guests should be a priority for your business. New advances mixed with timeless practices can produce a positive encounter for each visitor. With a first impression that is efficient, personal and secure, new clients and potential employees will definitely be saying hello more than once.

    Glenn Hicks


    Glenn Hicks

    A member of the Business Development team, Glenn has years of experience with business process improvement on the Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management sides.

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