6 Everyday Wins All Facilities Leaders Can Appreciate

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on December 29, 2016

The life of a facilities leader is anything but easy. You work hard day in and day out, and sometimes the demands of your job can seem overwhelming. There’s always a service or maintenance request to keep you busy, a change you have to implement or a fire to extinguish (sometimes literally). 6 Everyday Wins All Facilities Leaders Can Appreciate

Still, even the most hectic days aren’t without their small victories. And every facilities leader knows those little wins can add up to make a big difference.

That’s why today, we’re celebrating those minor accomplishments. We’re raising a glass to the little joys that help boost a facilities leader’s spirits when things get tough.

Here’s to the everyday wins that help get you through.

When you actually have a “quiet” day.


Since quiet days are often few and far between, no one wants to risk saying the Q-word and jinxing it. But every now and then, it happens: Everything runs smoothly, everyone seems happy and all the hard work you’re doing behind the scenes is virtually invisible where it matters most. Now you can kick back, relax and enjoy the momentary peace.

When you make a difficult decision, and the data shows it’s working.


You have to make some tough calls in your line of work. And sometimes you don’t have all the information you need upfront. However, nothing feels better than getting that first data report back and seeing the results you were hoping for.

When you meet your sustainability goals.


Changing building processes to make your operation more efficient and green is a big part of successful facilities management. No matter how small your latest sustainability victory may be, you should always take a little time to celebrate—you deserve it.

When a conversation you’ve been dreading actually goes well.


One of the most important qualities of a successful facilities leader is people skills. Effectively communicating with your team is a crucial part of your job every day. But you also often need to have difficult conversations with everyone from a service tech to the C-suite. And nothing feels better than when they go even better than planned.

When you witness collaboration in a newly redesigned space.


You know firsthand how the specific design of a workspace can impact collaboration. And creating spaces that foster that kind of connection is important to the success of your facility. Seeing your hard work serving its purpose is definitely worth a quick happy dance.

When you try out a new technology, and it’s everything you’ve been looking for.


Staying on top of the latest trends in facilities management software development is essential to ensuring you’re running your facility with the best resources and tools available. However, even with careful research, trying out a new piece of technology is always a bit of a risk. Give yourself a high five when that risk is clearly paying off.

No matter what else happens in your day today, take the time to acknowledge the small victories. Maybe even take a dance break to celebrate—we won’t tell.

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