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6 Questions To Ask After Receiving Facility Management Software RFP's

by James McDonald on June 11, 2015

You're looking into the deep waters of new facilities management software, and you're feeling a little unsure. When you have a new facility management software proposal, where do you begin? Take a deep New software can open up opportunities. Make sure that you choose the right product for your company.breath and plunge in: these questions will help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of a software proposal.

1. What's My Problem?

When you're looking for software solutions, you need to understand your problem. Do you need a better way to manage repair needs before they happen? Do you have many mobile workers who need a cloud-based system to submit service requests? Defining your problem helps you determine whether this software is a solution.

2. Who is This Vendor?

If you were interviewing a prospective employee, you'd do a reference check. Your software system is just as hard-working as one of your employees, and you should do the same with your software company. Look at its industry experience and track record and ask others about their experiences with this vendor. Make sure that this vendor is reliable and that they'll get the job done and do it right the first time.

3. Is the Vendor a Team Player?

You also want to make sure that this vendor will work well with your team. How does this software support all team members? Can they access help when they need it? The bottom line: your software should make your team's communication better.

Make sure that you have ongoing support in addition to any initial training. 4. What Training is Involved?

When you're transitioning to a new software product, there's a big learning curve. How will this vendor support your team as they navigate this new software? While a single large session is a good start to training, ask about ongoing training support and help as well, so that you can ensure that your staff will be supported over time.

5. Can This Software Grow With My Business?

When you're growing, you need software that can grow with your team. Look at the software that's provided. Does it suit your needs now? Can it expand to meet your needs in the future? What new modules or new directions is the company pursuing? Make sure that you invest in software that will suit your facility in the long term. Look for an innovative vendor whose products are always changing rather than a vendor who's been selling the same product for a long time.

6. Can the Entire Company Use This Tool?

When you're looking at software solutions, it's tempting to choose a lower-priced option that solves only your immediate problem. Instead, seek integration. Look for software that can address the needs of many parts of your facilities work, from move management to space allocation.

When you're examining your options for new facilities management software, turn to iOffice. Whether you're managing a move or coordinating annual maintenance, our full spectrum facility management software products will help your facility run smoothly. Contact us today to talk about your business needs.

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