7 Creative Uses For Digital Signage In The Workplace

by James McDonald on April 19, 2018

While email is still the most common way most organizations relay important messages, it isn’t necessarily the most effective. In the era of “inbox overload,” email has become too easy to ignore or overlook.

That’s why today’s workplace leaders are rolling out other forms of corporate communication, including wayfinding kiosks and digital signage. (If an email registers as a whisper, digital signage is more like a megaphone.)

Here are seven creative ways they’re using it to improve workplace communication and enhance the employee experience.

7 Creative Uses For Digital Signage

1. Interactive Wayfinding

When many people think of digital signage, they picture static displays or scrolling, pixelated text. Though they’ve probably seen digital signage used to point people in the right direction on a corporate campus, they’re likely less familiar with the idea of interactive wayfinding. This is digital signage in the form of a self-serve kiosk where an employee or visitor can click on your company’s floor plan, find their destination and zoom in to see more detail.

2. Room Reservation

Let’s say you’re an independent contractor who’s just visiting for the day. You have a few hours until your first meeting, and you’d like to find a quiet place to catch up on emails and phone calls. With an interactive wayfinding kiosk, you can not only find a workspace; you can actually claim it right then and there.

3. Employee Communication

With a wayfinding solution that connects to your employee directory, you can find someone and even notify them to let them know you’ve arrived. Workplace solutions like iOFFICE Hummingbird connect integrated workplace management system modules like visitor management software with employee communication tools like Slack, ensuring everyone gets the message.

4. Employee Recognition

Your star employees deserve some special attention. But a company-wide email isn’t necessarily the best way to thank or congratulate someone (unless you really want to clutter everyone’s inbox with a bunch of “reply all” responses.)

Instead of email, more organizations are using digital signage to acknowledge achievements or milestones, like a promotion or a new baby.

5. Contests & Promotions

2018 has been dubbed “The Year of the Employee Experience,” and for good reason. Recognizing employees for their efforts and hosting special contests and promotions are two great ways to enhance the employee experience, and digital signage can support both. Want to host an employee photo contest? Share the information (and the winning entries) in a prominent place like the employee cafeteria or collaboration room.

Want to remind everyone of the discounted company tickets to the upcoming baseball game? Digital signage can help you get the message across better than email can.

6. Education

Providing opportunities for employees to continue learning and developing their skills is another good way to keep them engaged. It could be as simple as using digital displays to promote the technology tip of the day or important safety reminders, especially if you work in a manufacturing plant.

7. Company Announcements

Need to let your organization know about construction, road closures or severe weather? Or maybe you want to keep everyone in the loop about a recent product launch. Whatever the case, digital signage is the perfect format for company-wide announcements. With a digital display, you can make sure everyone gets the message without peppering them with daily emails.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding Solutions That Empower Your Workforce

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