7 Workplace Blogs You Should be Reading, Right Now

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on February 3, 2017

There’s a lot of content out there. Some of it good, some of it bad, and quite honestly, some of it pretty ugly. It can be difficult to find the good stuff. We’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through the ever growing list of workplace management blogs out on the market. Each year we share with you our must-read list, so the time you spend reading is time well spent. Here’s our list for 2017, you’ll notice a few familiar URLs, and some newcomers as well. Remember, they’re in no particular order, we think they’re all worth a spot in your browser. 



When we want to fill our lunch break with something educational and even inspiring, we head over to Inc.’s blog. Here’s where some particularly bright minds share their thoughts on everything going on in today’s corporate world. You may even recognize one of their newest authors. Hint: she’s sitting in our office. Now, even before we were a bit biased, this is one newsletter that never ended up in our email trash bin. Their coverage of entrepreneurial spirit and technology in the workplace is always well-rounded. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 3.06.33 PM.jpg

Office Snapshots

This blog has made our list three years in a row. Its aspirational office design coverage will help you see your workspace in an entirely new light. Of course expect to see big names like Facebook’s Menlo Park offices in their weekly blog, but you’ll also notice smaller, more boutique offices featured from around the globe. We know you’ll be in awe of the gorgeous workspace photographs, and you may even be inspired to take a few tips back to your C-Suite for review. 

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Etsy’s New York City Offices
Uber’s Hong Kong Offices


A new comer to our list, but a seasoned veteran at the game of the workplace management industry, Gensler’s articles are heavily influenced by their own research, which we love. They examine the modern workplace with a healthy level of skepticism, which helps bring out only the best ideas, and some serious science to the mix. Gensler isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, which is partly why their blog is so riveting, and a refreshing read. 


The Importance of ‘Place’ in the Workplace Evolution
The Surprising Truth About Choice


Among the many things that OfficeVibe does well, their awesome graphics that accompany each post are enough of a reason to subscribe to their newsletter! We love their playful approach, which focuses around employee engagement. However, don’t let the cute graphics fool you, this blog is full of serious facts about how to improve an office based on the workforce. Their tool gathers information on employees’ satisfaction at work, so you know they know their stuff. 

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Learn How to Say No at Work
The Employee Engagement Problem No One is Talking About

Work Design Magazine

“Exploring ideas that shape the places we work.” Their tagline says it all. Discover innovative products, constructive workplace design ideas and apply to career opportunities with this fulfilling blog. Always on top of the latest news and covering what’s in demand in today’s every-changing market, Workplace Design Magazine stays on top of the trends while still managing to offer practical, achievable goals workplace managers can actually relate to. We’re particularly fond of their recent Project Profiles. 


2017 Office Trends Forecast
An Australian Real Estate Group’s People Focused Office

The Tenant Advisor

We’ve been a fan of Coy Davidson’s blog for a few years now, and it’s easy to see why. With a no nonsense approach to corporate real estate news and research findings, The Tenant Advisor gives you what you need, without any unnecessary fluff clouding your content. We’re particularly fond of his monthly articles on Houston and the future of the Texas CRE landscape. 

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Should I Own or Lease My Office Space?
5 Myths Regarding the Future of Office Space

Great Place to Work

How could this blog not be a must-read? They’ve seen every type of office through submissions to their annual “Best Place to Work” award. These people know what works (and what doesn’t) in an office space. If your facility’s goal is to indeed become a great place to work, take a peak at their engaging article that cover everything from engaging different generations to customizing a corporate culture. It will teach you how not only to become a better workplace, but to enhance your personal career in the process. 

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How to Build the Perfect Workplace
Engaging the Multi-Generational Workplace 


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