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    8 Spaces Santa Looks For in the Perfect Workplace Infographic

    by Kaitlan Whitteberry on December 16, 2016

    We're sure Santa has his workplace layout down by now, considering he's been running a successful business since the 3rd century! He's mastered crafting the ideal workplace for him and his merry staff. Santa understands the importance of providing a workforce with flexible places to get things done, especially considering the 300 million toys they're expected to create and deliver come Christmas morning. Here's what you would find on Santa's list for the perfect workplace, maybe you can even borrow a few tips for your own office. 


    We're all a bit crunched for time during the holidays. From office parties to annual cookie exchanges to your kid's holiday play, its difficult to get everything done. However, we can all agree that Santa is probably even more stressed than any of us could ever be. After all, he does have to deliver over 300 million gifts in just 31 hours (he does have the time zone thing on his side). His secret to a smooth Christmas Eve? Months of preparation beforehand. And all of that prep Santa_Infographic.jpgwork needs to get done in one place, preferably in a productive environment. 

    So what exactly does Santa look for in the perfect workplace? Well, he stopped by our annual holiday party this year and revealed what makes his workplace tick. What did we learn? The secret to his success is listening and adapting over time. Santa routinely asks his elves and reindeer how they work best, to better adjust the work environment to meet their needs. He also noticed his approach has changed over the past few centuries as the needs of his workforce changed with time. Since those elves and reindeer are the core of his entire operation, he needs to strive to keep them happy. Especially considering he's working them 24 hours a day 7 days a week 364 days a year. Santa knows he'd better provide them with a workspace they enjoy, and want to spend most of their time in.