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    9 Apps Facilities Managers Should Utilize for Increased Productivity

    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

    As a facilities manager, your mind is always working to find more streamlined processes and tools that allow both you and your team to be as productive as possible. Whether you are sitting in the waiting room at the Doctor's office or stopped by the train on your way to work, we have all found ourselves in a situation where our phone is our best work tool. But what if you find that blog on facilities management that you want to show your CEO later? How do you store it, with the promise of finding it quickly and easily later? What do you do with that stack of business cards from all the contacts you made at the facilities management convention this weekend? We have put together a few of our favorite apps and how you can save time with them.

    Best Building Management App for Facilities Managers

    • Pocket
    • Evernote
    • Box
    • CardMunch
    • Universal Password Manager
    • GroupMe
    • Facility Service Request App
    • Any.Do
    • Room Reservation

    1.) Pocket

    As you're sitting in the Dr.'s office, you come across a great article regarding SaaS that you want to read and share later with your team. But you know the nurse will be calling you back any minute. What do you do?

    The Pocket app, formerly known as Read It Later, is a bookmarking app that allows you to store not only Best Building Management App for Facilities Managersarticles, but videos as well. Queued for later access, your saved information does not require internet access, allowing you to revisit anywhere, anytime. What better way to increase your productivity than to utilize time that would normally be wasted just sitting and waiting?

    2.) Evernote

    Evernote is the on-the-go professional's dream tool. This free app allows you to create various folders, adding notes, websites and articles relevant to each folder. Made notes for your next team meeting? You can even share these folders with your co-workers. Upgrade to the Premium Version ($5 per month/$45 per year) and your shared folders can be edited by others. The Premium version also allows you to use without internet access, making your "noting" options limitless.

    And the best news is, Evernote is also available on your MAC and PC, allowing you to sync all of your notes between each of your devices. Download the Evernote clipping tool and you can save items to your folders with just the click of a button.

    3.) Box

    As part of a facilities management team, communication and collaboration is key. Box is a collaborative, cloud based tool that allows you to store ideas, documents and notes, all in one place. Utilize the sharing tool and you can invite your entire team to collaborate in specified folder. Users can edit documents with the click of a button, allowing the tool to truly be a collaborative effort. Have a project you are working on alone? That's ok, just don't send an invitation for sharing and the folder will remain private.

    Box has created an app that can be used on tablets as well as smart phones, that will automatically sync to your account, so you can literally collaborate from anywhere your tools are able to be accessed.

    4.) CardMunch

    Networking is one of the most critical components of every profession. But what do you do with all of those business cards? With the plethora of duties you must take care of daily, you are likely often away from your desk, making a tangible rolodex virtually useless. The app CardMunch serves as an electronic rolodex so you can access your contact information at any time. Simply take a picture of the business card via your smartphone app (they even have a multi-card mode) and the card info is transcribed, saved and synced with your web account. And the beauty of it is--if you have forgotten someone's name, but remember other information such as their company, address or notes you made about them, your contacts are fully searchable. You can even search LinkedIn and connect with your new contacts with the click of a button!

    5.) Universal Password Manager

    Between work apps, software and online tools, as well as all your personal duties, the number of URLS, websites and passwords to remember can be more than overwhelming. Before downloading Universal Password Manager, I found myself "resetting" my passwords often. This password manager is simple to use and accessible from your smartphone as well as your personal computer--with just one password to remember. All information is encrypted and synced between your devices, allowing you to spend less time remembering passwords and more time on the business that matter most.

    6.) GroupMe

    Maintaining an open line of communication amongst our co-workers is vital to everyone's success. While emails are a great way to communicate, sometimes you need a quick, easy answer to something. For quick and easy, email is not the answer. Sign up for GroupMe and create various "groups" based on your assorted projects. By creating a private chat room and inviting guests to be a part of the group and you can chat with them, discuss and receive answers with the click of a button.

    7.) Facility Service Request App

    One of the many tasks the facilities manager is charged with is ensuring that processes are streamlined, with access to relevant, up to date information available effortlessly. Your company's physical assets such as the building and all the maintenance that goes with it, is one of it's biggest investments, placing maintenance at the top of the list of importance. Therefore, building maintenance app software should be considered. iOffice's facility maintenance software also includes a facility service request app that allows your employees access to schedule maintenance and service requests, send the technicians immediate copies of requests as well as send notifications when services are complete. Access to complete activity reports allows you to measure technician and facility performance, so you can forecast future scheduling needs.

    Already a user of iOffice’s facility service request software? Download the iOS app here or the Android app here. 

    8.) Any.Do

    Any.Do is the app that every busy professional needs in their life. This simple and sleek app will organize both your work and personal life, allowing you to create folders and plan tasks into four categories: today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday. It even allows you to make notes and add contacts for tasks when needed. Download this app and plan your busy day while sipping your cup of coffee in the morning. Starting your day off with Any.Do will become part of your morning ritual.

    9.) Room Reservation

    A building management app like room reservation software, along with apps such as iOffice's Open Space, allows the mobile workforce of today to reserve the spaces they need, such as conference rooms and quiet workspaces, regardless of where they are. This capability eliminates the embarrassment and frustration of double-booking and frees up your schedule to focus on more critical tasks.

    Check out the video here or schedule a customized demonstration here.

    Now That You Know

    Building management app technology grows exponentially every day. While every tool on the market may not be relevant to your position, the use of the ones that are affords you and your team the opportunity to become more productive and communicative. Don't see a building maintenance app here that you have found useful for facilities management? Please, let us know.

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    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers


    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

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