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    A Quick Guide on Social Media Images for Facilities Managers

    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    Confused as to why an image on Facebook appears completely different on LinkedIn? Don't worry, here's a breakdown of the various image requirements for posting on social. 

    One of the most frustrating things I have come across while managing our social media channels are the variations in sizes for images on each channel. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + all have widely different (and constantly changing) size restrictions for images, event photos and cover pages. This can make it quite challenging for a facility or office manager managing their pages. Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you when you are sizing your company's images. These sizes are current as of May 2014. 


    Cover Photos | Profile Image | Shared Images

    Cover Photo: 851 X 315 pixels

    Profile Image: 161 X 161 pixels

    Shared Images: 504 X 405 pixels


    Facebook allows you to really go big with your cover photo! You can select a photo of your office building, or your FM logo if you are an independent contractor. This is the first item people see, so be sure the picture is a high-resolution and fits in with your brand. Here are some examples of awesome cover photos. Your profile is best kept as either your building logo or your FM logo. Shared images are pictures that accompany your posts. This is a great opportunity to share event pictures or renovations.  


    Company Cover | Profile Image (square & horizontal) | Shared Link Thumbnail

    Company Cover: 646 X 220 pixels

    Profile Image Square: 50 X 50 pixels

    Profile Image Horizontal: 100 X 60 pixels

    Shared Link: 180 X 110 pixels


    The LinkedIn company pages are a bit different than other sites. It is best to keep your cover photo simple, clean and professional. A large logo would be ideal, or a clean photo of your facility. Also, as your profile image is going to be used in two different ways and sizes, be sure to choose a logo that would fit each size, and one that others can recognize in the news feed. When sharing links to your website, the thumbnail photo will be sized for you. If you select the arrows before submitting your post, you can select the image that looks best with the size restrictions.


    Header Photo | Profile Photo | Tweet Images

    Header Photo: 1500 X 500 pixels

    Profile Photo: 400 X 400 pixels

    Tweet Images: 876 X 438 pixels


    Twitter has just updated their platform, and it looks quite similar to Facebook's layout. However, Twitter gives you a little freedom with your header photo. Your profile image as usual is a square, so try to choose a version of your logo that is recognizable in this format as it is what other accounts will see in their feed. Twitter "tweeted images" got a serious upgrade! They are now much wider, and will show up as square versions of themselves on your profile. Tweets with images get 35% more retweets than text-only tweets, so don't be afraid to include them!

    Google + 

    Cover Photo | Profile Image | Posts

    Cover Photo: 2120 X 1192 pixels

    Profile Image: 250 X 250 pixels

    Posts: 480 X 220 pixels


    The new Google + sizes are quite generous, especially for users who have high-resolution images. Your cover photo can be very large, but remember, the image will be blurred beneath your profile image. When selecting your profile image, you will upload a square picture, which Google will then automatically convert into a circle. You may need to test a few images to be sure it appears the way you want it to. Shared images on Google + can be large as well! Use this as an opportunity to share collages, photos of your building or engaging images attached to your blog posts. Need some inspiration? HubSpot's Introduction to Google + download can help get you started. 

    My inspiration for this blog came from HubSpot, here you can access their templates for social cover images and download them directly onto your computer! 

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    Kaitlan Whitteberry


    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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