Beautiful Examples of Facility Managers Using Twitter’s New Layout

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on May 16, 2014

Twitter just rolled out their latest design, are you ready to make the switch? The change wasn’t too drastic, but it definitely affects how your profile appears at first glance to users. Here are a few facility management companies that got it right, and how you can be inspired by their stunning header photos. 

One thing that stays the same in social, is that everything changes. This can be a good thing! As social platforms reevaluate what their viewers want to see, it gives you the chance to do the same. Although it can be confusing at times when sizing restrictions don’t stay constant, it forces you to stay current within the market and gives you the opportunity to try new things. 

The main change with Twitter’s new layout is the size and prominence of the header photo. Now, it has a big impact on the overall appearance of your profile. As a facilities manager, this gives you a great platform to showcase your building, new renovations or what your facility management team can do for others. Take a look at these five companies who got it right, and try some of their tactics to take this new layout to it’s full potential. 

At the Office

Why it’s great: At the Office does a great job of branding their page. The image they chose for their header is large and clear, and their product is the only item in color. You immediately know they sell office furniture. Also, they have edited their text color to match their logo. To do this on your own Twitter account, simply go to settings –> edit profile –> design



Why it’s great: First, the image they chose is visually stunning- and shows they work with buildings in a more subtle way than just a photo of that building. However, it doesn’t give everything away, the user is drawn in and is prompted to read their bio description to learn more- which is exactly what you want! 



Why it’s great: A large picture is the more obvious choice for a header, but Moblized chose to stand out with a custom graphic. The image hints at shopping and ecommerce, which is exactly what this company does. The image gives viewer’s a taste of their company culture, while still keeping with the lively social aspect of the platform. 



Why it’s great: It’s often difficult for a company in facility management to explain what they do in just one picture. Yet, BIFM UK manages to do it with their header. As a large organization with many components, they were smart to chose an image that represents one of their largest achievements, their annual conference. They can also change this image out as the event comes to a close to stay relevant to what is going on during that time of year. 



Why it’s great: Okay, so technically Walmart isn’t in facility management or office management, but they are included in our list because of their stunning header photo. The image is clean, simple and tells the audience a story of who they are as a company. They don’t need text or complicated graphics with blinding colors to get their message across. They want to be a part of your life that makes everything easier. 


iOffice, Inc.

Why WE think it’s great: With our co-founder’s new book, Wide Open Workspace, coming out soon we thought it was fitting to include a photo from the cover. It also gives a little hint into our company culture, Workspace Cowboys. Our logo however has stayed the same for consistency, and so we’re easily recognizable. What do you think, do you like how we’ve used Twitter’s new layout?


We would love to hear how you are changing your Twitter strategy with the new layout. Sound off in the comments below!  You can see even more great examples of company’s using Twitter’s new update to the absolute fullest in HubSpot’s article. 


Kaitlan Whitteberry

Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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