Build a World Class Facilities Management Team Through Technology

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on December 1, 2019

Being a world-class Olympic athlete takes hard work, dedication and the ability to examine oneself from all perspectives. To be successful, these athletes focus so much of their time and attention on their individual crafts. Can you imagine, then, if an Olympian only trained a few days out of the year and then tried to compete against their counterparts, who have maintained a regular training regiment?  The results would be disastrous.  Much like these athletes, top notch businesses must be on their A-game at all times.  Analyzing data, tweaking procedures and finding ways to mitigate their errors is an organization’s daily “training regiment” and it must be a constant part of the team’s plan and vision.

The vast amount of technological advancements available to businesses today provide real world solutions to just about any problem they are faced with.  Just think of the simple example of wireless internet.  Before wireless routers, each desktop required their own internet connection as well as the wire river which iOffice helps build world class facilities management teams with their smart softwareaccompanied these desktops.  Now, an entire hospital can run off the same system, with relevant, real-time data at their fingertips.

We live in an information driven society.  Through information, we find solutions.  This high tech environment enhances our workspace by providing us with the data and tools we need to be “Olympians” in our professional endeavors.  A key player in the facilities management environment is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), otherwise known as facilities management software.  Specifically designed for each individual company and their mission, facilities managers and CEOs are armed with the tools to focus on the tasks at hand.

Imagine a 1400 employee corporation housed in an immense building space downtown.  There are teams who must meet to brainstorm on their next project, employees who work remotely much of the time, coming in to the office once a week, and team members frequently in need conference rooms to meet with potential clients.  Not to mention the service requests for ongoing maintenance issues.  Managing each component can prove to be a difficult task.  Each employees’ spatial needs must be met in an accurate and timely manner in order for the business to run efficiently.  A system of emails, spreadsheets and phone calls is outdated and is only accurate if the information is updated and made available to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

A careful look at your specific company’s dynamics and objectives allows for an IWMS to be built around those needs.  By utilizing a space management system, you are provided with quick, up to date information regarding how your space is being used and space occupancy. This system has the capability of forecasting future spatial needs based on growth and/or decline, allowing you to stay a step ahead. Room reservation systems such as iOFFICE’S Open Space allow Suzy to reserve a conference room for a team meeting next Friday, or Frank to reserve a workspace for his on-site workday tomorrow.  And since the Open Space App is available on all smartphones, tablets and desktops, you eliminate the embarrassment of double booking.  Link these software systems with an asset tracking software and you ensure your assets are being efficiently utilized, are moved to the proper space when needed, and receive the necessary maintenance repairs and maintenance.  By maximizing your asset usage, you stand to save huge dollars, significantly impacting your bottom line.  

In this highly competitive world where there is always someone around the corner waiting to take your place, there is only room for gold medalists.  Much like the high class Olympians competing for the gold, companies must maintain diligent monitoring of their day to day operations.  Doing more with less is the key to how businesses really make it in today’s business landscape.  Staying technologically static and unwilling to advance into the modern age only stands to hinder significant growth.  Adopting the proper use of modern day tools, such as smart phones, tablets and software applications in the workplace, indicates that you are a company that is not satisfied with being second best.  It shows adaptability and the drive to grow–two traits that are critical to the success of both an Olympian and a modern day. For further insights on how technology can impact the workplace check out this blog.

If you’d like to see how iOFFICE’s IWMS can transform your workspace from space and visitor management to room reservation and move management, schedule a demo or get started for free.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in February 2014 and has been updated for accuracy and relevance.


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