Can You Support The Workplace Of The Future & The Traditional Office?

by Elizabeth Dukes on October 28, 2014

There is no denying that the workplace of the future is poised to look vastly different than the traditional office environment. While the workplace of the future is likely to rely on a global structure with virtual segments that link key players with one another, there is still a place in today’s business world where much of the work occurs in an office. Businesses who want to stay fresh, current and profitable must utilize those tools that allow them to do both. Utilizing a robust suite of office and facilities management tools such iOffice’s software solution affords companies the ability to stay relevant in this ever-changing market.

Digital-Based for the Future

Even though the current business workspace no longer features co-workers who work only within the same four walls as their colleagues, they still need access to the same information. Tools such as a cloud-based The Workplace of the future and the traditional office environment must be supported by facilities management.facilities management systems enable key individuals to share information across the miles, or with their coworkers at the next desk, all without even leaving their own cubicle. For example, plan and scrutinize different scenarios for better utilizing space before presenting the findings at the next board meeting via a conference call.

Using Technology in the Traditional Office Setting

In a more traditional office setting, there is a tendency to gather key players together to brainstorm solutions during a meeting. While this collaborative approach has its merits, the process can be streamlined a great deal using technology that supports collaboration and teamwork. Using a robust suite of office solutions, such as iOffice’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), allows for real-time information to be shared with key players, regardless of location or time of day. This sharply reduces the amount of time spent in meetings, creating a continuous, steady stream of real-time information. Additionally, when meetings are called, they are much more organized and productive, given that everyone has had access to critical information.

Manage Satellite Offices From Afar

The precursor to today’s digitally based business environment began when companies decided to expand their client bases and reach out to customers around the globe. This resulted in a number of smaller offices that were offshoots of the larger home office. In the not-so-recent past, this meant that companies communicated with their satellite offices using a variety of methods. These cumbersome avenues of communication often resulted in serious downtime as various managers tried to reach an agreement on the best course of action while using fax, conference calls, paper-based memos and the like to resolve issues.

Technological advancements allow for approved users to access the necessary information from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the data that is being viewed occurs in real-time, allowing for decisions to be made on the fly. This significantly reduces the lag time between questions and decisions, helping to keep projects moving forward toward their deadlines.

iOffice traditional office conference room photo

Impress Visitors

Technology is here to stay, and businesses must embrace it in order to stay abreast of the current trends. The ability to impress visitors with the technological advances that a business uses is a critical aspect to presenting the right image. Investors and clients alike want to do business with a company that is modern, technologically savvy and open to new innovations. There are few better ways to impress such visitors than to manage the tracking process electronically.

Your physical office space will change over time, but the necessity to manage that space, supply quality customer service and keep all members of your team working efficiently will not. Regardless of what your current office design may be, there is always room for improvement or re-design. Consider the effectiveness of your current situation and create a plan for the future, with technological resources at the forefront.


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