Charlotte consulting firm does away with desks, fully embraces hoteling

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 1, 2013

Charlotte consulting firm does away with desks, fully embraces hotelingIn a bold statement about what to expect in future office environments, consulting firm Accenture did away with desk assignments when it moved into a new building in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. Instead, the company and its employees have embraced hoteling – the practice of reserving desks on an ad hoc basis.

While this might have seemed chaotic in the past – staffers showing up to work, moving their belongings and fighting over prime real estate – it makes sense for today’s increasingly mobile culture. A growing number of companies are embracing telecommuting to cut costs and improve employee satisfaction. Allowing workers to complete tasks from home often means lower utility bills for the business and a better work-life balance for staff members.

In Accenture’s case, its 1,500 employees will now need to use its space management software to check in on days they plan to work from the office, the source adds. The program enables them to reserve available spaces when they arrive, or in advance from a mobile application that’s accessible on smartphones. 


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