Collaboration is “more cowbell”

by Elizabeth Dukes on November 12, 2013

Collaboration is sort of the buzzword of today. Not only in terms of how people collaborate in the workspace, but also in general. People are collaborating on-line in various forms of social media. In fact, you are now ranked for the content you author, which increases or decreases your authority to collaborate. It is an interesting phenomenon that the more technology we have that allows us to communicate in a vacuum, the more people want to engage in person and the more emphasis is placed on collaboration.

The power of having a personal conversation can never be doubted. No greater value can be placed on brainstorming with your co-workers over problems and coming up with either a quick fix that resolves an immediate issue or developing a brand new, innovative solution that prevents the problem for every happening again.

We like to collaborate with our employees and our customers. We want feedback. We want to know what works, what could be better and what the future holds. By sharing ideas, we are able to design and develop valuable solutions. Engaging our customers in meaningful dialogue is part of our company code and an element of our commitment to “More Cowbell”.

All this week we will be discussing how collaboration helps you and your organization. Here is a preview of the week:

Monday: How FMs engage with HR executives

Tuesday: Social Media ebook explains how facilities managers connect with 21st-century users

Wednesday: Collaborative workspaces lead to greater office productivity

Thursday: You can benefit from networking with other facilities managers

Friday: What do workers want from their offices


Elizabeth Dukes

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