How Conference Room Digital Signage Benefits Your Workplace

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 7, 2019
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An important client has just arrived at your office unannounced.

You don’t have a private office, so you need to find a conference room quickly.

The doors to several rooms are closed, but none of them appear to be booked. You open Door No. 1 to find a room full of people. After apologizing for interrupting, you open Door No. 2, and you’re met with more hostile stares. You ask around and learn there’s a room free on the third floor. But by the time you get there, someone else is already setting up.

Ten minutes later, you end up meeting in the break room.

This could have all been avoided if you’d had conference room digital signage. Trends indicate that companies of all sizes are adopting conference room digital signage not just for convenience but for bottom-line benefits as well.

Here are four reasons to consider digital signage for your workplace this year.

4 Benefits of Conference Room Digital Signage

  • Easier room reservations
  • Improved space utilization
  • Increased productivity
  • A better employee experience

1. Easier Conference Room Reservations

digital conference room signage

Room reservation software eliminates most conference room scheduling nightmares, but digital room scheduling panels save employees an extra step.

Instead of checking their desktop calendar or a mobile app to see if the room is free, they can simply walk by the room and look at the conference room digital sign. If it isn’t, the screen will show when it’s next available. Employees can reserve it right then and there, with just a few taps.

They can also see what conference room technology is available and create a service request for a projector or another piece of equipment.

If the meeting ends early, the person who booked it can use the same conference room digital signage display to free up the room for the next person. Or they can extend their reservation if the meeting is running long.

2. Improved Space Utilization

Poor space utilization costs your company money. The average company has 30-50 percent more space than they actually need — although it certainly may not feel that way at your organization.

Meeting rooms are one culprit of poor space utilization. People tend to close doors when rooms aren’t in use so they appear to be booked even if they aren’t. Or they’ll cancel a recurring meeting for one week but forget to also cancel the room reservation.

That means a perfectly good conference room goes unused while employees crowd into another space that’s less than ideal. Digital conference room signage makes space management easy and agile.

3. Increased Employee Productivity

Not being able to quickly find a meeting room seems like a small inconvenience. It eats up 10 minutes at most. But if it’s an ongoing issue, those 10 extra minutes add up over time.

Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, broke down the impact of an increase in employee productivity in the January/February issue of IFMA’s Facility Management Journal. According to Lister:

Increasing employee productivity by just 18 minutes per person per day at an organization with 500 people earning an average salary of $85,000 saves approximately $1.6 million each year!

4. A Better Employee Experience

Searching for a meeting room isn’t just a time suck — it’s also a frustrating experience.

No matter how minor it seems, it adds unnecessary stress right before a meeting. And if it’s an ongoing problem, it can start to erode at employee morale.

Eliminating this frustration improves the employee experience — the sum of how employees interact with their workplace, technology and company culture.

Meeting room panels and other conference room digital signage not only help with room scheduling, they also make it easier for employees to navigate the workplace.

Adding Digital Conference Room Signage

Adding digital conference room signage to your workplace is easy if you use iOFFICE Hummingbird.

With our new Space Panel Mode in the Hummingbird employee experience app, employees can:

  • Immediately see whether a room is available or occupied as they’re walking by the conference room digital signage
  • See when the room will be available next and tap the panel to reserve it
  • See what technology is in the room and create a service request for a projector or another piece of equipment
  • Free up the room for the next person if the meeting ends early, or extend their room reservation if the meeting’s running long

You can use this advanced conference room digital signage functionality with an iPad or Android device. Try it for yourself—request a demo of iOFFICE Hummingbird today.


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