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by Kaitlan Whitteberry on July 19, 2019
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After you’ve invested considerable resources into creating the right mix of conference rooms and ensuring your conference room technology is up to date, you want employees to be excited to use them. But it’s hard to get excited about visiting places with conference room names like “West 1” or “West 2” (and easy to get them mixed up.)

Conference room names are just as important to your workplace design as the paint colors and furniture. They help define the culture of your office and influence how employees and visitors feel about your company. They also give your conference rooms some personality and make it easier for people to remember their location.

To help you get started, here are 25 creative conference room names from some of the world’s leading companies and some guidelines for choosing the best ones for your company.

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25 Creative Conference Room Names from Tech Leaders

Thought Leaders and Influencers

When marketing software powerhouse HubSpot was still a startup, they created a tradition of naming their conference rooms after people who inspired the company’s founders. This included conference room names inspired by pioneer marketers Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, innovators like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, and business leaders like Gail Goodman and Warren Buffett. As the company has expanded, they’ve kept this naming convention. At their international offices, you’ll find conference room names inspired by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson.


At their San Francisco office, CBS Interactive (the online content network for CBS) took a scientific approach to their conference room names. Starting on the first floor, conference room names have a subterranean theme, like Magma and Amber. As you work your way up, the theme changes to ground-level (Sequoia and River), and then atmospheric (Storm and Lightning). On the fourth floor, the conference room names follow a space theme with names like Galaxy and Stars. This naming convention is not only creative, but it also helps new employees and visitors find where they need to go.


As a social networking site, Pinterest’s business model is based on making it easy for users to find and share content they love. So when it came time to their conference room names, the Pinterest team decided to use some of this content as inspiration and identified a few things their users loved most.

Among the conference room names you’ll see at the Pinterest offices are Hipster Babies, Beach Wedding, Kale Chip, and Crock Pot. With conference room names like these, Pinterest shows off its company culture and values in a unique, on-brand, and engaging way.

Humor and Fun

As an online marketplace for inventive entrepreneurs and DIY sellers, it makes sense that Etsy would take a more artistic and off-the-wall approach to their conference room names. After surveying employees for ideas, meeting rooms at the Etsy offices are named after a combination of food and musicians. For example, Fleetwood Mac & Cheese, Bon Bon Jovi, David Lee Broth, and The Rolling Scones are some of their conference room names.

Company History

If you follow BarkBox on Twitter, you may have read about how, in 2013,  they received a ‘Pizzavestment’ from Domino’s Powered by Pizza campaign. In a recent statement, Stacie Grissom, Director of Content and Communications at Bark said, “Since then, Domino’s has been a pillar of Bark, from being a party must-have to the inspiration for our conference room names after Domino’s cheesy bread flavors.”

How to Choose Conference Room Names

You can take this in many different directions, but above all, you want the rooms to be easy to remember and reflective of your organization. Here are a few tips for choosing the best conference room names:

  • Pick a theme that makes sense for your company’s personality and reflects your organization’s unique culture.
  • Invite employees to participate by submitting name ideas or casting votes for their favorites from a list the management team creates.
  • Make sure the theme is scalable so you don’t run out of options when the company expands and needs additional space.

Be as creative as you want! Just remember that the names you choose will impact how employees and visitors feel about your company, either positively or negatively.

Make Your Conference Rooms Easy To Find

Once you’ve chosen your conference room names, make sure you’ve clearly communicated them to the workforce.

First, label each room with a digital conference room schedule display. These touchscreen panels can be connected to room reservation software so employees can easily see if the room is available and reserve it with a simple tap.

Next, add your newly branded conference rooms to wayfinding software employees can access with a kiosk or a mobile app. This will ensure everyone knows where to find them, including new employees and visitors.

It’s easy to overlook conference room names, but considering employees spend more than a third of their day in them, they’re an important part of the overall employee experience.

And when employees are constantly searching for an available room (or getting lost on their way to a meeting) their productivity suffers.

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