Does Measuring Your Facilities Technicians Efficiency Really Matter?

by George Rogers on May 14, 2015
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Every employee matters. While everyone has days when they’re more productive or less productive, you need the right tools and equipment to do your job well. If everyone is going to be as productive as possible, facilities technicians need to have the rest of the facilities team on their side.

Why Productivity Matters

Does it really matter how productive a facility technician is on a particular day? While everyone has off days, measuring productivity is important. Why do facilities measure performance? Think of it this way: if you purchased a new piece of equipment for your business, you’d make sure that it actually worked well. In a facility, employee salaries are the single largest cost. The facilities team must make sure that everyone is working well, and that includes facilities technicians.

Productive Technicians Produce Good Relationships

Your technicians’ productivity also matters because an efficient workplace creates better employee relationships and a better image in the community.

When a technician is unproductive or others perceive that person to be unproductive, resentment can brew. Employees may be unhappy that the room was not quite ready for them. Your workforce will have better working relationships when everyone can do their job well. When your technicians can do their jobs easily and find efficiencies to make everything run more smoothly, people notice. Outside clients will be impressed by your well-run and well-maintained facilities, and they’ll be pleased when they can book rooms or have meetings easily.

Support Productivity By Giving Technicians the Right Tools

If technicians aren’t able to manage space or assets effectively, they become unproductive, and an unproductive employee can cost your company time and money. While technicians may need wrenches and hammers to make repairs, what they really need is a solid facilities management system. A facilities management system that organizes work orders to smooth a technician’s day and pinpoints needs of assets before these needs occur can help prevent system emergencies that make it hard for other employees to do their work.

Productive employees can find efficiencies together, making your workplace even more productive.Facilities Management Systems Smooth Workflow

When you’re managing facilities, you need to make sure that your facilities management software helps technicians and allows your workplace to run smoothly. To increase productivity you need to understand it. One aspect of productivity is your employees’ ability to accomplish work. For example, if a facilities technician learns about all of the problems with your assets once a week, that technician could be backlogged and that will cause trouble in your facilities. A facilities management system doesn’t fix assets for you, but it does provide an easy way for other employees to communicate repair and maintenance needs to technicians.

Productive Technicians Are Proactive

When you’re working with a facilities management system, invite your facilities technicians to provide feedback that can help shape the system. A technician may have an idea for a maintenance schedule that will ensure that emergencies occur less frequently. Incorporating facility technicians’ feedback into the system allows your system and your technicians to work efficiently to stop problems before they occur. When your software also has reporting functions, your technicians gain the ability to spot potential efficiencies by viewing facilities reports as well.

Technology is not the panacea for all employee efficiency issues, but it can certainly help. A facilities management system that reduces errors and decreases the time it takes for employees to manage work orders can help your technicians stay on top of their workload. Your technicians’ productivity is important, and the use of modern technology is one way to increase efficiency and engage employees. Put simply, the right facilities management software can help you build and maintain a successful business. Why not schedule a demo of the iOffice software and see how we can help your business become more productive? We’ll help you ensure that your facility technicians have the best possible tools for the job.


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