Does Your Work Order Process Need A Lift? Try Our One Month “Workout”

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on April 13, 2015

One month to a healthier, more productive office? It’s true! In our latest ebook we’ll coach you through  analyzing your facility’s past, present and future maintenance goals to help develop a more streamlined work order process. One that will keep everyone at your office happy. Ready to get started? Keep reading below to learn how get your copy.

Prepare For Your Workout

Before you start lifting those FM heavyweights, we should go over exactly what we mean by “work order”. Some facilities call it a maintenance request or a service request ticket, and both are correct. A “work 

work order process

order” is any type of communication request your employees submit when something around the office needs to be addressed.

Now, where things can go wrong is the method of communication from both ends. Before downloading our ebook, think about how your office handles these requests. Is it working for your and your team? Are service requests filled in a timely manner? Do your tenants seem pleased with the work being done, and your maintenance team satisfied with how they receive notifications for issues? We’re guessing it’s probably not where you and your tenants would like it to be. That’s where our ebook comes in. 

Ready To Strengthen Those FM Muscles?

It might be easy to allow your work order process to continue the way it is. You might think it’s working well enough, that changes aren’t needed. Yes and no. If your employees have submitted tickets this way forever, they don’t know any different. However, these antiquated measures are costing your company time, money and productivity. Which are all things we could use more of. Consider the positive and negative effects changing your process could have on your team. Our ebook will show you how to determine if the positives of switching the way your office handles service orders out weigh the negatives.

Stick With Your Workout For The Long Term

What often happens with a new diet and exercise plan? You stay motivated for a few weeks and then you lose your drive, allowing you to slip back into your old habits. This workout is designed to ensure that won’t be the case.

We dive into the 5 P’s of Success: People, Processes, Products, Partners and Performance that will keep your FM maintenance goals in check long after the ebook’s plan is completed. Everything is broken down into easy-to-digest daily “workouts” across four weeks – with little tweaks that your workforce can get used to gradually. Your facility can really take the time that is needed to implement these beneficial changes.

Let’s get started! Grab your water bottle and towel, and download the ebook here.


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