Choosing an IWMS

by Elizabeth Dukes on October 21, 2011

Good information, clear processes and fluid communication are key to solving problems and issues, especially in the facilities management industry. Without these, you’re working blind, guessing what works and what doesn’t – and probably wasting valuable time and money.  That’s why most facility managers need a system in place to help them manage their buildings.

This is the premise of the latest white paper released by Strategic Advisor, an independent consulting and advisory firm. But there are lots of different solutions, so how do you choose the best one for you?

First things first – knowledge is power. You have to know what types of systems are out there to choose from.  iOffice, for example, offers an Integrated Workplace Management System, also known as IWMS software, but there are other systems to choose from too. Then, you need to stop and really consider why you need the system, what it needs to do, and how it will integrate with current operations. And let’s not forget — you have to sell it to senior management.

So how do you get started? The report offers the following three simple steps to ensure success when implementing a new system:

  1. Before you implement: Decide your objectives and what you will do with the information you get
  2. During implementation – Educate everyone involved and stress the value this will bring to the overall organization
  3. After you implement – Monitor to ensure it’s working as expected and tweak processes when needed

There is no doubt that since facility management software was first introduced, companies both large and small have benefited dramatically. From simplifying processes and saving time and money to increased visibility into operations and easy access to data for decision making, a facilities management system can transform an organization for the better. The key is determining how you can make the new system provide the most value to YOUR organization.

Want more? You can read the complete white paper here.


Elizabeth Dukes

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