Elevating The Employee Experience: 7 Challenges Every Company Must Tackle

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on September 11, 2017

Your employees are your first, and most important, customers. However, understanding how to honor this concept has taken a bit of time. Looking back 20 years ago, companies were concerned with their “employee’s satisfaction”. Jump back 10 years and you’d see employers had focused their attention on perfecting “employee engagement”. Today, agile employers are beginning to understand that achieving both employee satisfaction and engagement are two smaller parts to a greater goal they should be reaching for instead: The Employee Experience. 

During our annual iOFFICE User Conference we set a goal to help our current customers enhance their employee’s experience by gaining a better understanding of their needs and daily struggles in the workplace. We covered how to look objectively at an office’s physical environment where an employee works, the available tools and technologies employees should have access to, and how an employer can demonstrate their commitment to the health and well being of their workforce. 

These three items are key components to building an effective employee experience. Ensuring your workforce has what it needs to succeed is no easy feat, and during our conference discussions we noticed a trend among our customers. Many of their main issues were similar in nature. We narrowed them down, and identified 7 Challenges Every Company Must Tackle to get the employee experience right.

We’ve compiled those challenges (and solutions) into our latest ebook to help other companies in the same boat. This ebook covers how today’s most innovative company’s are shifting their focus to the employee experience, and how your workplace can too. From enhancing productivity, to ensuring the right tools are in place to best serve the workforce, this ebook covers seven challenges companies often face when attempting to improve the employee experience, and how to combat those common issues. Click here or below to download your copy. 


Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

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