The Employee Experience App Is Your New Workplace Concierge

by Rebecca Symmank on August 22, 2019

Meet your new workplace concierge—the employee experience app.

It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, and it has everything you need to be productive throughout the day.

So what exactly does it do?

What Is An Employee Experience App?

Simply put, an employee experience (EX) app connects your workplace to people, places and services.

As more companies phase out assigned seating and embrace a more agile work environment, keeping employees connected has become more important than ever.

On any given day, employees could be working remotely, traveling or visiting another office location. But their work never stops. They still need to find their coworkers, reserve a place to meet, get their laptop fixed or have lunch delivered.

And as employers strive to attract and retain top talent, they are providing more workplace services and amenities to meet those needs.

The workplace is also being influenced by trends in the hospitality industry, a term HOK WorkPlace senior principal Kay Sargent calls “corporatality.”

While hotels have an entire staff devoted to customer service, most workplaces don’t—at least, not yet. The job of creating a great employee experience tends to be shared among leaders in HR, facilities management and the IT department, as the traditional gatekeepers for workplace technology.

Of course, those managers have a wide range of other responsibilities, which is why the idea of a “self service” employee experience app is so appealing.

What Can An Employee Experience App Do?

Think about all the different needs an employee has during a typical day.

An employee experience app can meet all those needs in one place so your workforce doesn’t have to toggle back and forth between multiple applications or systems.

With an EX app, employees can:

  • Find a place to park
  • Find their way around an unfamiliar building using interactive wayfinding
  • Find a coworker, using integrations with the employee directory
  • Reserve a room, using the app or room scheduling panels
  • Request service related to technology, temperature or something else
  • Request catering, delivery or a ride
  • Receive notifications that a visitor has arrived and sign them in
  • Receive packages or food deliveries
  • Receive important announcements about road closures, new products or company events

In the near future, the ability to provide these types of services is what will set the best workplaces apart.

Ready to see what an employee experience app can do for your workplace? Request a free trial today!


Rebecca Symmank

As a member of the Business Development team for iOFFICE, Rebecca is spirited and is quick to take initiative. Previously a customer and daily user of the IWMS provider, she has extensive experience on both the front and back end structure of the product. Rebecca's enthusiasm for facilities management and her tangible experience in the field give her an unprecedented understanding and perception of iOFFICE customers. Rebecca is able to relate to organizations implementing on IWMS, and has a unique perspective on what makes the experience a success.

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