Energy savings can increase satisfaction throughout companies

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on March 4, 2013

More facilities managers who were once on the fence about going green – wondering if the work will generate substantial ROI and if occupants will be less happy with their environments – are hopping off and fully FMs keep higher-ups and occupants happy with better energy efficiency.embracing sustainability. What was once an eco-friendly buzzword has gained traction and can increase satisfaction on many levels. 

The C-suite
Corporate decision makers are usually concerned with one thing – the bottom line. It’s the job of FMs to prove that going green will ultimately be a sound business decision even though there are upfront costs.

“We must find new ways to cut or eliminate wasteful activities that produce bottom line savings while meeting environmental objectives,” Robert Ule,president of the Redwood Empire Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), told the North Bay Business Journal. Ule explains that when it comes to energy efficiency, “better is often cheaper in the long term, not more expensive.”

If FMs can use advanced technology such as space utilization software to demonstrate how much space is being used and where energy consumption could be reduced, they can convince supervisors to get on board. 

The occupants
Contrary to what people may think, energy efficiency changes should not impact tenants’ comfort within buildings, Joe Watson, senior project engineer with E3 Designs and the Watson Group told an audience at National Facilities Management & Technology in a video posted on Facilities Net. Rather, he explains that occupants tend to be uncomfortable (i.e., either too hot or cold) when energy is being wasted. 


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