Evidence can convince management to invest in new technology

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on January 17, 2013

Invest in New TechnologyNo matter how many times facility managers tell company heads that integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) can help their businesses identify inefficiencies, they might still find it difficult to convince decision makers who feel more comfortable using outdated management methods such as spreadsheets and emails. To bridge this gap, facility managers might find that it’s best to bring evidence and examples to the table when they make requests for new software.

The Recreation Facilities Governing Board at the University of California Riverside recognized that facilities were being pushed to capacity when popular fitness classes were being held, and students were forced to exercise out of designated fitness rooms, the Highlander News Reports. However, the students did not stop there. They used computer systems to gather data about class enrollments and tracked headcounts throughout days and weeks to determine peak hours.

“The SRC was busy and crowded and we did not think it was meeting students’ needs, so we started getting feedback,” stated Jenni Deveau, member of the FGB, told the source. Since then, the campus has broken ground on its $37.2 million construction project to expand its capacity and facilitate more students.

Getting new facility management software may not be quite as big of an endeavor as convincing a university to build new facilities, but it can feel that way when decision makers are rooted in outdated processes. If facility managers bring fact-based evidence and hard numbers to the table, they might find it’s easier to get leaders on board with 21st century innovations that can streamline their business processes.


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