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    Facility Management Metrics: What Are Calculated Measures?

    Glenn Hicks

    If facility management was a sport, facility management metrics would be your stats.

    These metrics—likely occupancy rates, maintenance costs and more—are the stats you use to plan workplace moves, justify hiring more staff and prove to your boss that you’re keeping costs in check by making the best use of your space and assets.

    If you’re an iOFFICE user, you can easily keep track of these FM metrics through our Insights report management software.

    You can find data to answer a question, create reports and even set up customized dashboards so you’ll always know where you stand. While our reporting software is powerful, there are some numbers you need to know that aren’t there by default.

    Here, we’ll discuss a simple trick for filling in the gaps in your data with calculated measures.

    What Are Calculated Measures?

    A calculated measure is essentially a new form field you create using a formula.

    For instance, let’s say you’re trying to find the available capacity of a particular building.

    iOFFICE’s space management software already calculates this by default, but if it didn’t, you could create a calculated measure to find it.

    How Do You Add Calculated Measures To a Report?

    Since you can already see your building’s capacity and occupant count, you would subtract the count from the capacity to get your calculated measure: available capacity.

    Now let’s say you want to build this into your report.

    Simply select measure → create calculated measure and give this new field a name. That name will be one of the headers on your report.

    In your formula builder, you can find fields and measures on the left and functions on the right. Choose your capacity field and subtract occupant count. Then hit “validate”.

    This will create a field for available capacity in your report.

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    What Other Facility Management Metrics Should You Measure?

    Using calculated measures is just one way to get more insight from your IWMS. While occupancy and vacancy rates have long been the standard for facility management, calculated measures can help you identify more revealing metrics, such as:

    • Percentage of collaborative office space compared to private space
    • Total downtime of equipment
    • Cost of space per employee

    You can also set up custom dashboards to make facility management metrics easy to see so you’ll always know where you stand.

    To learn more about creating reports, setting up dashboards and much more, check out the iOFFICE Knowledge Center.

    Glenn Hicks


    Glenn Hicks

    A member of the Business Development team, Glenn has years of experience with business process improvement on the Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management sides.

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