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    FAQ Series: iOFFICE IWMS Pricing & Drawing Management

    by James McDonald on October 12, 2017


    When you're considering an IWMS, pricing is a top priority. But, there are many other components to your decision like ongoing support for floor plans, training and application uptime. We’re addressing some of the frequently asked questions that customers have when trying to make the best IWMS choice for their company.

    How does iOFFICE charge for their IWMS software?

    Our IWMS is priced on a per module license, and not on a per user license. For example, if you select the Space module, iOFFICE charges per square foot. We do this to help scale our software to fit a variety of customer sizes. The other modules in our platform have a flat fee for the initial setup and then a flat fee per month based on your specific portfolio makeup. This allows us to customize the platform to fit your specific scope. 

    For example, Houston may need the Space, Move and Asset Module, but Dallas only needs the Space and Move Module.  We price our solution accordingly.  Frequently, we create automated processes to share data with other systems in your technology stack.  We charge a one-time flat fee to set up these processes with a monthly maintenance fee.   Our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to plan and budget.  

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    Can I outsource my facility's drawing management with iOFFICE?

    Yes! We can support drawing management or we provide our customers the ability to update and manage their floor plans independently. iOFFICE provides a proprietary plugin with AutoCad and Revit that makes this process seamless. Upon installation we support installation of the plug-in and give your team the training they need to efficiently manage drawing updates.

    Can I rely on iOFFICE for training?

    As a standard practice, iOFFICE provides training via on-line meetings. We have found this to be an effective and successful mechanism to educate administrators and operators using our product. We have a dedicated Engagement Specialist whose sole focus is to coordinate customer transition from the implementation phase to active use of the site.  


    What is the iOFFICE up time?

    At iOFFICE we are proud to say that our up time is 99.98%, including maintenance. This means you will have continuous access that is fast and efficient. And you can monitor our performance real-time! As a customer, we give you access to our uptime through our support portal.

    Does the Visitor Module allow for pre-registration?

    Our Visitor Module does allow for pre-registration. Hosts can record their guest’s upcoming visit to your site so that when they arrive they are fully registered. They simply provide a form of identification to the receptionist to get their visitor badge. Pre-registration can be done individually or for multiple guests at once through a file upload process. 

    Does your IWMS allow for bulk updates?

    Yes, and we provide multiple options to best suit your requirements. We can update the system through automated processes that leverage our API. We also give you the ability to manually upload files to update key data points like assets. If you don’t want to load the file, we can support you!

    Capterra Ratings: ★★★★★ 4.5/5