How Facility Managers Can Cut Energy Costs

by Elizabeth Dukes on March 20, 2013

FMs can use facility maintenance software to achieve energy savingsMany companies are looking to increase sustainability and lower energy consumption – two goals that largely fall on the shoulders of facility managers. If they use facility management software to their advantage, they might be able to cost-effectively make repairs that will decrease energy output and replace outdated equipment with ‘greener’ alternatives.

In one example of a successful progression toward sustainability, Texas A&M University has simultaneously managed to increase the size of its campus by 25 percent and reduce energy consumption by 40 percent per square foot between 2002 and 2012, according to Today’s Facility Manager.

During the same ten-year time period, the school – which is now among the seven largest in the nation – has saved millions of dollars every year through its eco-friendly initiatives, which include recycling solid waste material, reducing water use and lowering green house gas emissions, the source adds.

“These results are impressive with great support from the campus community, but even more impressive is that customer comfort and service levels have seen measurable improvement while achieving significant improvement in efficiency of operation,” Texas A&M Utilities & Energy Services Department executive director Jim Riley told the source. “Although challenging to achieve, effectively stewarding resources while improving service is our primary mission.” Experience the many benefits of iOFFICE’s facility management software to optimize the way you manage your facility.


Elizabeth Dukes

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