What ‘Free’ Visitor Management Software Is Costing Your Company

by Glenn Hicks on July 29, 2019

As more organizations make building security a top priority, we’re seeing more free visitor management system entering the marketplace. Those solutions may be just fine for small companies who only have occasional visitors. 

But for large and mid-sized companies, a free platform is not only insufficient; it can actually cost your company money. Here are a few of the negative consequences of using free visitor management software.

3 Ways Free Visitor Management Software Falls Short

1. Failing to Impress Top Talent

As much as a job interview is about evaluating whether or not an applicant is a good fit for your company, it’s also an opportunity for the applicant to decide if your organization is a good fit for them. When a job candidate enters your workplace, their check-in experience will set the tone for the rest of their visit. A glitchy software or platform with a poorly-designed user interface does not demonstrate a commitment to innovation and shows your company hasn’t put much effort into a visitor’s first impression of the organization.

Additionally, free visitor management software likely doesn’t include an option to receive push notifications or alerts in Slack when a guest arrives. If the interviewer is away from their desk and doesn’t see the email alerting them to the job candidate’s arrival, they may not be aware the applicant is waiting for them.

2. Increased Security Risks

One of the biggest benefits of paid visitor management software is that it dramatically improves workplace security. Whether it’s an overly-aggressive vendor or an angry former employee, there are some individuals you want to stop before they get past the lobby.

When an unwanted guest arrives and checks in, paid visitor management software can check their name against your security watchlist. If they are on the list, the software can send a notification to security personnel who can safely escort them off the premises.

This feature is not available on free visitor management platforms. What’s worse is using a free visitor management software may give your company a false sense of security, leading your organization to be more relaxed in its policies. This increases the risk of unauthorized individuals being able to access your workplace.

3. A Negative Client Experience

A poor visitor experience can negatively impact the client experience and, in turn, your retention. Most free visitor management software platforms are restricted to just a few basic features. They have electronic sign-in but leave out other important elements of visitor management, such as:

  • Pre-registration and integration with email communication, which allows you to send clients an email with important information before they arrive
  • Visitor badge printing
  • Secure data storage for visitor information
  • The ability to have clients or vendors sign confidentiality agreements

If you find free software that offers some of these features, you may only be able to use them for a limited number of visits.

The Value of Premium Visitor Management Software

It may not seem like something as simple as receiving visitors impacts your organization. But your approach to this initial touchpoint shows job candidates, clients, and your employees how much you value their convenience and safety.

With a premium visitor management system, you can easily:

  • Pre-register guests and plan for their visit (including where they’ll park and whether they’ll be having lunch on-site)
  • Streamline the check-in process
  • Cross-check visitors against your security watchlist
  • Keep track of who is in your building at all times

Don’t waste time with free visitor management software. Invest in a premium solution now.


Glenn Hicks

A member of the Business Development team, Glenn has years of experience with business process improvement on the Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management sides.

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