Here’s the Proof You Need Mobile Facilities Management Apps

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on January 26, 2015

Technology is all around us, whether it’s being used for recreational purposes or in the workplace. Mobile technology in particular is sweeping over the globe. In fact, it’s predicted that nearly half of the total world population will own a mobile device by the end of 2015. Businesses that harness the power of mobile technology and the apps that come with it will be able to be more competitive in their industries.

Facilities managers can do better with the innovative capabilities of today's mobility solutions.Driving mobile device development are mobile phone apps, which give facilities managers direct control over work process flow, building facilities, and the whereabouts of employees. Apps also allow FMs to more effectively multi-task and manage workloads, communications and collaborations on the fly.

As innovative as such mobile devices and apps are in the world of business, there are still many facilities managers that have not tapped into such technology. Perhaps they are not convinced of its power, or maybe some are simply unaware of the technology that is available to them.

If you still think you don’t need a mobile facilities management app, here are some reasons to convince you otherwise.

Boost Workplace Productivity

Mobile applications are able to satisfy the needs of an increasingly mobile and dynamic workforce. These apps can be accessed by all employees and managers via secure logins anywhere in the world, and new technologies make them available on both desktops and mobile devices. The result is a workforce who can work anywhere, anytime. This flexibility to collaborate remotely without the time and cost associated with travel can dramatically increase productivity.

Increase Adaptability in a Changing Work Environment

It’s no secret that the world around us is constantly evolving, particularly on a technological level. As a result, how we do business must adapt to such rapid changes. The necessity to be able to respond swiftly to a shifting corporate environment and service a diverse infrastructure is important. Mobile facilities management software allows FMs to stay on top of a constantly-evolving industry with apps that can be easily and quickly updated, encouraging both flexibility and diversity in the workplace.

Improve Communications Among Staff

From scheduling jobs to sharing reports in the field and managing assets, mobile apps help improve the communication capabilities of facilities managers and their staff. FMs can relay instructions or check data remotely and in real time. Multiple staff members can effectively collaborate on documents in a dynamic fashion.

Facilities and space management apps increase workforce efficiencies, and improve cash flow.Mobile Apps Make Workplaces More Efficient

According to The Mobility Edge: CDW’s 2012 Small Business Mobility Report – a survey conducted on over 700 mobile device users from businesses in the US – 94% of polled participants believe their companies are much more efficient with the use of mobile devices and their associated apps. Mobile apps represent an investment that can help make business processes more efficient by speeding up current operations and analyzing data produced over time. The implementation of a mobile app can help FMs find faster and better ways of doing things in the workplace.

Increase Safety and Security in the Workplace

Keeping the workplace a safe and secure is of paramount importance. While there are many resources available to help facilities managers tackle this job, a mobile app is among the more effective ones. Part of ensuring a safe work environment is having thorough insight into a facility’s tangible assets and where they are located in real time. Having control over the movement of people and equipment within a facility is also crucial, as is tracking and identifying office visitors and potentially unwanted guests. With a mobile app, such as iOffice’s facilities management software, gaining such control is easy.

The Bottom Line

Mobile facilities management software is all about improving the efficiency and productivity across a wide spectrum of business operations. From improving management reporting and enhancing interaction with employees, to streamlining work flow, today’s facilities manager needs a mobile app. Organizations that embrace mobile devices and apps for business purposes will more likely become not only more efficient, but will also be places where more people enjoy working.

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