FAQ: How Can iOFFICE Help Organize My Building’s Real Estate Leases?

by Mike Habeeb on September 21, 2017

The majority of our customers fall under the facilities leader category. This means while they are responsible for managing one – if not multiple buildings, they are also responsible for maintaining lease administration and real estate information that accompanies those buildings. We receive many questions regarding how the iOFFICE solution can help to organize a building’s lease information and future planning. Here’s everything you need to know about iOFFICE, lease administration, real estate and preservable space. 

How can I manage my real estate leases inside iOFFICE?

With iOFFICE’s SaaS-based solution, users will be able to track all critical reporting and building class information on their facility. From analyzing cost per square foot, organizing deposit history, structuring payment information, termination agreements, and keeping track of renewal and lease cause options – the iOFFICE system can perform many of the key items many facilities leaders look for in a lease administration program. However, our system is not designed to offer all traditional items in a lease module such as lease accounting or reporting. 

We have many locations with many different facilities leaders and varying processes – will iOFFICE work for us?

Yes, iOFFICE can absolutely work in this scenario, with multiple locations and multiple processes. We’re a software-as-a-solution cloud-based platform, which allows us to be tailored to specific offices, even within one company. As a example, we have a number of global customers using our software, all in different ways. One company runs their UK offices in a different way than their US offices – so they have tailored iOFFICE to fit the offices for each region. Our software is designed to support varying currencies, languages and measurements to ensure all locations receive accurate data in their chosen system. However, even with varying numbers, our software is designed to reflect the correct information based on the users location and the settings for that office.  

Does iOFFICE have a room reservation module?

You bet we do! In fact, iOFFICE’s room reservation module is the most recent addition to our module lineup. However the reservation module is much more than just a way to book a room. Users can reserve different types of spaces for immediate use or in the future, they can reserve any assets needed for meetings, book conference rooms and open workstations in a variety of ways.

The Reservation module is updated in real-time to ensure no dreaded double-bookings, and so that all versions of the app have the most accurate information. Reservation also integrates with MS Outlook, Google Calendar and pairs with our wayfinding feature, to help visitors locate their reserved room or access internal and external maps of the property. 

Another benefit to Reservation is the space utilization data facilities leaders get their hands on when their buildings begin to use the software. Many of our customers have enjoyed the added benefit of tracking room usage, functionality and the ability to forecast for future spatial needs based on the trending usage in their buildings from the module’s available data. Reservation can be used by our classic desktop version, our mobile app or through standing kiosks placed throughout an office.

Does iOFFICE integrate with building intelligence, Revit and Autocad?

Our IWMS software is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Autocad and Revit through bidirectional integration. This allows users to provide their workspace’s floorplan drawings, and upload them directly into the software. This way facilities leaders always know the floorplans in their system are up-to-date since they have control over it themselves. Also, if any changes need to be made, updated floorplans are easily added into the system to reflect the most current information. 

iOFFICE uses the previously mentioned, Hummingbird integration to fully utilize building intelligence information. Our software can work directly with an existing system of your choosing, and the user can still upload data into iOFFICE to best reflect the state of their office at that time. 

Does iOFFICE have a project management module?

The iOFFICE platform does not include a project management module, however the need for one helped to inspire the iOFFICE Hummingbird concept. There are a number of project management tools that work superbly for facility managers. You are probably using one now.  The beauty of iOFFICE Hummingbird is that users can leverage those third party applications to support any additional facilities management needs that they have within iOFFICE. We will integrate with nearly any solution of your choosing, so you can better organize your lease administration and real estate data while also providing a better employee experience. 

Leases, floorplans and real estate are closely linked with not only each other, but with the facilities management world as well. And they will most likely be a necessary part of a facility leader’s job description at some point during their career. The iOFFICE platform has been carefully designed to best help organize, arrange and house the valuable data regarding these aspects of a building.  


Mike Habeeb

With 14 years of IWMS sales experience in the CRE and Facilities sectors, Mike has an in-depth understanding of the goals and priorities of prospective customers. Mike has a broad understanding of the IWMS marketplace, and is skilled at working directly with organizations to align them with the ideal technology for their needs.

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