How iOffice Is Blazing New Trails

by Elizabeth Dukes on July 8, 2014

In our new book Wide Open Workspaces: Trailblazing Solutions for Tomorrow’s Workforce we discuss the opportunities facility managers and their organizations have to blaze new trails. The 21st century workspace is wide open, with endless opportunities to develop innovative ideas, raising the bar regarding how businesses function. We don’t, however, just talk about these innovations, we set them in motion and I wanted to take this chance to express how iOffice is blazing new trails, past, present and future.


Where We Have Been


The iOffice team sees the evolving workspace of today as an opportunity to break new grounds, helping facilities identify the tools they need to address all their issues and enhance their processes. Our first step was in leveraging the first ever web-based integrated workplace management system (IWMS) also called facilities management software. By iOffice has a web-based integrated workplace management software toolintroducing this web-based system, our clients have been afforded the luxury of managing their facility from wherever they have internet access. And since all information is stored in iOffice’s cloud-based system, our clients face less up-front costs, never have to worry about losing all their data in a system crash and leave the software updates to us.


Our clients and their needs are our main focus. It is with that in mind that we have developed mobile applications to complement our web-based solutions. Customers have the ability to reserve a conference room, quiet space or huddle room through our OpenSpace application. This information is updated immediately, integrating with our Room Reservation software, so they never have to worry about coming in for a meeting only to find the space has been double-booked. Our clients know that addressing their needs is our primary focus and we encourage them to get creative in helping us help them with all their needs. We even designed the OpenSpace app to afford one client the capability of reserving company bike space at one of their facilities.


Along with the OpenSpace app, we have also developed a Space Management application, an Asset Mobile app and a Service Request application to complement the various IWMS modules. With mobility a primary concern for most facilities today, we have developed a robust system to afford our customers the ability to work from virtually anywhere. Please visit our blog You Can Run Your Facility From Your Mobile Device for more details regarding how each of these mobile applications work.

Where We Are Now

To truly be a modern day trailblazer, facilities and their workforce must not only embrace change, but seek it out. The iOffice team is continuously searching for new ways to enhance our products, finding ways to make them work harder for you. That way you can focus on what is most important—seeing the vision you have for your business come to fruition.

Aside from further developing our modules and mobile applications, we maintain a strong relationship with our customers, listening to their feedback and strengthening our products to fit their growing needs. We understand that change is growth and our customers need us to adjust accordingly. It would only stand to reason, then, that our own processes should mirror the services we offer our customers and, in order to further assist and engage our clients, we are continuously working to strengthen and enhance our internal support systems.

My partner Don Traweek and I are excited for the release of our new book, Wide Open Workspaces: Trailblazing Solutions for Tomorrow’s Workforce, in which we discuss our vision on the evolution of the workspace. Today’s facilities manager has a unique opportunity to lead their companies down untraveled roads. These are exciting times we are living in and we are thrilled to be a part of it.          

Where We Are Going

As we look to the future, we will maintain our focus on developing additional mobile applications to enhance our current modules. Mobility is a critical component of today’s workforce. As organizations explore and embrace workspace options such as flexspacing and hot-desking, the need for mobile options only stands to grow. Our vision is to aid the facilities manager in creating a dynamic workplace in which they can access, track and assist their team in their various projects. We will continuously develop ways in which to leverage other technological tools to further strengthen our clients processes.

Today’s workspace environment is evolving at a rapid rate. The iOffice team is very excited to be involved in this evolution, assisting our clients in seeing their visions come to life. We will continue to make it our mission to blaze new trails and be frontrunners in our industry, as well as our clients’.


Elizabeth Dukes

Elizabeth Dukes' pieces highlight the valuable role of the real estate and facility managers play in their organizations. Prior to iOFFICE, Elizabeth was in sales for large facility and office service outsourcing firm.

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