How IWMS Software Increases Employee Satisfaction

by James McDonald on November 14, 2016

What is one of the most important things a professional looks for in an employer?

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You might speculate that it’s unlimited vacation time, flexible scheduling or top-of-the-market compensation. Certainly, these things might be on their priority list, but the answer is much simpler.

More than anything else, professionals want a positive work experience. If your organization wants to attract top talent, they must do three things:

  1. Build a strong company culture
  2. Provide adequate technological support
  3. Establish competent leadership

If you’re familiar with the importance of an integrated workplace, you likely already know how an IWMS can benefit your enterprise from an operations standpoint. But did you know IWMS solutions can also improve employee satisfaction? Here’s how:

IWMS compiles and organizes all data1. Decrease and Simplify Problems

The ultimate goal of an IWMS solution is to improve the processes that support an organization’s entire operation. An IWMS collects and organizes data from every system and department to form a detailed and comprehensive overview of how each is performing independently and collectively. This makes it easier to detect issues, spot trends, make changes and optimize operations.

If your organization isn’t using an IWMS solution, systems may still be producing data, but the information is siloed. This makes even small issues difficult to trace and resolve. Problematic work environments riddled with little issues consume time, unnecessarily use up resources and will test your workforce’s patience. If employees are constantly chasing problems, they aren’t fulfilling their professional goals, and this eventually leads to work burnout and dissatisfaction.

2. Support Your Employees’ Every Need

Few things are more frustrating than a work environment that isn’t equipped to support employee productivity or customer service.

As the face of your organization, it’s your employees’ reputations that suffer first, not to mention their measure of fulfillment. When space doesn’t meet occupancy demands, assets are in poor working condition, work orders go unresolved or the environment itself is uncomfortable in terms of temperature, lighting and layout, it’s difficult to feel productive and proud of the work being done.

As a result, company morale deflates, especially among millennial employees who strongly believe that business should focus more on employee and customer experience, and less on profits and overhead (Deloitte).

Among many other things, an IWMS will:

  1. Ensure that management has the insight necessary to cater to the needs of their employees, including fast resolution of work-order requests.
  2. Optimize the use of space and resources by tracking how occupants circulate through spaces and utilize equipment and assets to perform their jobs.
  3. Provide greater visibility into the health and performance of key technological assets to ensure employees aren’t hindered by glitches or downtime.
  4. Empower employees to better serve customers by providing them with the tools and information necessary to make every interaction positive and helpful.

IWMS solutions provide mobile tools for employees3. Bring Employees and Managers Together

Collaboration rests on the shoulders of a strong company culture, and company culture begins at the top. When managers aren’t in touch with employee experiences and workflows, and aren’t accessible when employees need guidance or help resolving a problem, the entire culture will topple over.

IWMS solutions equip facility managers and their teams with mobile tools that enable them to stay connected and collaborative no matter where work takes them. Employees have access to apps that allow them to request services, search for information, book a meeting room, reserve equipment, access customer information and share documents or data on the go. Managers can monitor employee and project progress on- and off-site. The communication gap is closed and leaders are more in tune with what employees need in terms of resources and guidance.

When employees feel satisfied at work, they develop a strong loyalty to their employer. This should be a top priority for leaders, as hiring and training new employees is far more costly and time-consuming than retaining the talents you already have.

If you’re curious about the full scope of benefits an IWMS can offer your organization, download our free eBook, Your Comprehensive Guide to Identifying Facilities Management Software Needs.


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