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Want to Win $300 at World Workplace? Tag Us on Social Media!

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on October 1, 2015

This year at IFMA’s World Workplace conference in Denver, there will be many opportunities to connect through social media. One way we’re getting involved is by hosting a giveaway for attendees who visit our booth. Does winning $300 sound like something you want in on? If yes, read our blog to learn how you can participate. 

When you get to World Workplace, be sure to check in early and keep track of Tag iOffice on Twitter and Facebookyour iOffice poster inserts that will be in the bag IFMA provides all attendees upon registration. On either Wednesday or Thursday during the expo hours, bring by your inserts and take a photo with one of them at our booth! Post your photo to social media using the conference hashtag #IFMAWW15 and be sure to tag us so we know to include you in the running to win! You can take a selfie, snag an iOffice employee in your photo or just take one of the poster! Any of these options will qualify you to win. 

Not sure how to tag another account on Twitter or Facebook? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find easy instructions on how to do each. Still having trouble? Our friendly staff at our booth will be happy to help!

Tag or Mention Another User On Twitter 

1) Compose a new tweet

Do this by clicking on the blue square image in the upper right corner of your Twitter homepage. You can also click on the button that reads "tweet" if you're on a desktop. 

Compose a tweet at IFMA and tag iOffice

2) Enter text for your tweet

Be sure to include #IFMAWW15 hashtag in your tweet. Tag iOffice by including @iOfficeCorp within your tweet. You will only have 140 characters to do this, so make it short and sweet. 

Compose a tweet at IFMA tag iOffice

3) Attach the photo

Click the "attach a photo" button to include your photo in the tweet. You can also tag an account using the photo tag feature after the photo has been added, but if you've already included the mention of the account in your tweet it is unnecessary to do both. Either is sufficient and the mentioned account will be notified! 

Compose a tweet at IFMA tag iOffice

Tag a Company Page on Facebook

1) Create a new status 

Do this by clicking on the update status portion of your newsfeed. At the very top of your page you'll see an empty box with the words "What's on your mind?". This is where you post a status. 

Update Facebook status at IFMA

2) Enter the text for your post

When you do this be sure to include the #IFMAWW15 hashtag just like when using Twitter. Tag iOffice by typing @iOffice and selecting our company page from the drop-down options Facebook gives automatically gives you. You must have "liked" our page for this to work. 

Update Facebook Status at IFMA

3) Attach a photo

After you've uploaded your photo, you can tag other individuals in your image. However, personal accounts are unable to tag company accounts in photos. Please be sure to tag us in the text portion of your post so we know you posted! 


Follow Us On Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

To make tagging us in photos easier, go ahead and follow us before the conference. 

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