What Is The Hummingbird Workplace Experience App?

by James McDonald on November 12, 2019

As the workplace experience becomes a top priority for organizations, 59% of executives say they plan to introduce a workplace app to help employees navigate their environment, according to a 2018 CBRE survey. While traditional workplace management software solutions have focused on managing buildings, many have left employees out of the equation. 

A workplace app puts employees in control of their experience by keeping them connected to each other and the spaces and services they need to be productive.

iOFFICE recognized the need for this technology before there was widespread awareness of it. We introduced the Hummingbird workplace app two years ago with the goal of creating connected experiences, and today, more than 40% of our workspace customers and over a hundred thousand employees are using it. Here’s a closer look at what it is and how it works.

What Is the Hummingbird Workplace App?

The Hummingbird workplace app is a mobile, employee-centric solution designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Think of it as the concierge for your workplace. Its simple, intuitive user interface makes it easy for employees to:

  • Find people and places
  • Reserve rooms or equipment
  • Request service, catering and even a ride home
  • Receive visitors, mail, food deliveries and important announcements
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Hummingbird seamlessly integrates data and functionality with iOFFICE’s integrated experience management system (iXMS), bridging the gap between your workforce and your workplace leaders. 

For instance, employees can reserve rooms using the Hummingbird mobile app, and workplace leaders can view real-time and historical space utilization data informed by the app. They can see which rooms need to be cleaned for more intelligent maintenance. And they can receive and resolve service requests more quickly.

It also uses an open API that makes it easy to integrate with other workplace technology, including:

This enables organizations to transition to new ways of working while eliminating the financial burden of removing and replacing entire enterprise systems.

What Are The Benefits Of The Hummingbird Workplace App?

Hummingbird makes it easier for companies to adopt flexible workplace strategies like activity-based working, remote work policies, hot desking or office hoteling.

As more organizations move away from assigned seats, these agile practices are becoming the future. With the Hummingbird workplace app, employees can easily reserve space ahead of time or at a moment’s notice. Instead of spending time searching for their colleagues, they can use the app to ping them instantly.

Hummingbird’s open API means it’s equipped to handle the latest technology, whatever that may be. 

Hummingbird also creates an infinite loop of value. As employees use the workspace and make decisions through the Hummingbird workplace app, it generates valuable data.

Workplace leaders can use this data to assess space utilization, service requests and the needs of the workforce.

What Are Hummingbird Users Saying?

Hummingbird solves simple problems that have a significant impact on employee engagement and productivity.

For instance, in our latest TechValidate survey, 68% of customers said they didn’t know how their space was being utilized or where employees were sitting prior to using iOFFICE.

When employees are your most valuable asset and real estate is your second-largest cost, that’s a huge problem!

Among customers who implemented the Hummingbird workplace app, 75% said it improved their employee experience. 

The improvements were significant for UFG Insurance, said Ashley McCarthy, a project manager at UFG.

“Our campus is large, and with new employees each week, they never (knew) where departments, people, rooms are,”  “(The Hummingbird app) is easy to use, very intuitive, and overall has been such an easy implementation.”

Dawn Mueller, a facilities manager for the World Resources Institute, said Hummingbird significantly improved the nonprofit’s employee experience by 25% and improved their use of free address space utilization by at least 50%.

“We have a handle on our seating and what percentage of space departments have. It’s a great product.”

Here’s the best part: We’re just scratching the surface of everything the Hummingbird workplace app can offer your organization. To learn about how Hummingbird can help you improve the workplace experience and supercharge productivity, visit the Hummingbird product page and request a demo.


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