How to Create the Perfect Facilities Management Resume [Infographic]

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on June 17, 2015

Like everything else, there has been a global shift in focus in values over the last decade, as companies realize the value of workforce relationships, preventative maintenance, and receding our carbon footprint. This movement has helped Facility Managers prove their value, making it the fastest growing profession.

With this growth has come an increase in competition amongst colleagues, forcing those seeking success to prove their value daily, both on the scene and on paper. Colleges are now offering Facilities Management degrees, further increasing the competition. With so many candidates vying for their spot in the field, the success of your career begins with an impeccable FM resume.

Here are a few things your facilities management resume needs to be top of the stack.

Any recruiter will tell you the pressure they face daily. With hundreds of applicants to evaluate and rigid deadlines enforced by their clients, the pressure to make quick, accurate decisions has never been greater. While the specifics vary, statistics reveal that the average recruiter spends between three and six seconds reviewing your resume.

Six seconds to make a lasting impression; one that shows you are the right applicant for the job. And that’s just to get your foot in the door for an interview! This knowledge, coupled with the competitive nature of the FM profession makes your resume the first step in a long career of working well under pressure and proving your exemplary leadership skills.

INFOGRAPHIC: Creating the Perfect Facilities Management Resume

Regardless of where you are on your career path, vying for a new position is an intimidating process. Since an average of 250 resumes are received for each job posting, that is a lot of competition and a lot of worth proving. As companies invest in tools that scan resumes for keywords, careful research before writing your resume (and preparing for the interview) is more critical than ever.

Since more than 90% of applicants submit a non-customized resume, your preparation will automatically put you ahead of the game, supporting your argument that YOU are the best fit for the position.

But, how do you determine what professional information is most relevant to include on your resume? Which words are overused, thus making them a hindrance? What do recruiters indicate automatically force you into the throw away pile? Which skills are most important to highlight and what is the best method of doing so?

These are all very valid and justified questions, not to be overlooked. As a FM software provider, we have had the pleasure of working closely with thousands of leaders in the Facilities Management industry and are excited to share the insider knowledge we have gained.

To help answer your multitude of questions, we have developed an infographic that answers your do and don’t questions, as well as some valuable statistics that will help you set yourself apart from the competition. We hope you enjoy the Creating the Perfect Resume infographic as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Click here or on the button below and please feel free to share with all your colleagues.

Discover even more tips on becoming the most hirable FM candidate in the industry with our free resource: A Facility Leader’s Guide to Landing an Awesome Job.


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