How to Integrate IoT Sensors With Your IWMS

by James McDonald on October 25, 2018

IoT sensors have become one of the hottest digital workplace technologies, and many companies are experimenting with them.

However, there’s an important piece of the puzzle they haven’t quite figured out — how to make sense of all this sensor data.

IoT sensor companies maintain data in a digital format where workplace leaders can log in to view it, but that data typically lives in a silo where it’s not as valuable as it could be.

When intelligent sensors are integrated with iOFFICE, you can interact with space utilization data like never before. Here’s how to set up the integrations and how to make the most of the data you collect.

How to Set Up IoT Sensor Integrations

Integrating workplace sensors within iOFFICE is easy. Just go to the Configure Sensors screen in the Admin → Space → Sensors module.

Select the building where your sensors will be located from the building drop-down menu and click the Add Sensor button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can then add important sensor information, including the sensor ID number, location and vendor.

If you decide to move your sensors to a new location, you can change the settings by hovering your mouse cursor to the right of existing sensor. From there, you’ll be able to choose a new building, floor and room.

Once you have the right location, click Save and your sensor will be reassigned.

How to View IoT Sensor Data

After setting up integrations for your IoT sensors, you can view space utilization from them by going to our Room Utilization screen within the Space Management desktop.

Here, you can:

  • View live room utilization data
  • See data on historical space utilization trends
  • Assess inactive spaces

Having this information can help you see when employees are in the office versus working remotely and help you determine the optimal time to schedule facility maintenance.

Taking the Next Step With IoT Sensors

When it comes to implementing IoT sensors, there’s a lot to consider. You need to determine which type of sensors are right for your workplace, what data you plan to collect and how you’ll use that data. You also need to be transparent with your employees. Our team has the technology and expertise to help you make sense of IoT sensors to improve your workplace. With our IWMS, you can ensure your sensors are seamlessly integrated with your workplace management software and capturing actionable data.

Ready to take the next step with IoT sensors in your workplace? Schedule a demo to learn more about IWMS features and how to make sense of your IoT sensor data.


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