iOFFICE And Teem: A Partnership That Was Meant To Be

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on January 15, 2020
In Search of Intelligent Space: What’s Driving the Need for Workplace Intelligence?

Picture this: It’s 8:57 a.m. on Monday, and you have 3 minutes until the official start of your first day at your new job. Exciting. Mildly nerve-wracking. Where will you sit? Will someone be waiting for you in the lobby to show you to your desk?

You brought your lunch, so you’ll have to find the kitchen. And you’ve already been invited to two meetings, not only in two different conference rooms but in two different buildings. You’re already feeling stressed about finding them — not to mention the colleagues your boss has asked you to work with on your first project.

But there’s no need to worry, it turns out. As soon as you walk into the lobby, you see a digital panel that invites you to check-in. The system notifies your manager of your arrival, and she greets you within seconds.

Easier than expected — what a relief! Now, where is the kitchen?

Looking around, you notice an interactive display with a map of the office. The display also shows the location of each conference room so you know where your first meetings will be. You can even search for available rooms and find your coworkers.

When you’re asked to book a room for an impromptu team meeting later, you realize there’s a room reservation tablet outside each room. All you have to do is tap to reserve it. Navigating your first day has been effortless so far, and you can focus on getting to know your new teammates. You feel even more confident that this new opportunity was meant to be.

Technology for Enhancing Employee Experiences

Employees who feel connected to each other and to their workplace feel empowered. They are more collaborative and more productive when they have the tools they need to do their best work.

Over the past two decades, iOFFICE has developed market-leading digital workplace solutions that enable these connected experiences. That includes robust software that allows workplace leaders to achieve positive business outcomes, as well as solutions that allow employees to navigate their environment, reserve rooms, access important services and more.

Now, with our newest partnership, we have even more to offer our customers and their employees.

iOFFICE & Teem

Partners That Were Meant to Be

Today we’re excited to share that we recently joined forces with Teem, another industry leader that shares our vision to create the kinds of connected workplace experiences that form the foundation for success.

You may already be familiar with Teem’s solutions for space booking and workplace analytics, and of course, we’re excited to add them to our already dynamic suite of solutions. But above all, Teem believes in creating a better workplace. They believe in connecting people, places, and technology to drive greater productivity, efficiency and creativity.

In other words, iOFFICE and Teem are partners that were meant to be.

What This Means For Our Customers

Together, along with the other new members of the iOFFICE family — asset management leaders Hippo CMMS and ManagerPlus — we are designing tools that bridge the gaps between digital and physical workplace experiences. 

Altogether, we are a portfolio of cloud-based, integrated solutions for an elevated employee experience in the workplace. Simply put, this means we are bringing more value to customers — a wider umbrella of offerings. The capacity for even more innovation as we shape the future of work.

Teem will continue to operate in Salt Lake City. Teem’s software will be integrated into iOFFICE’s existing portfolio of solutions.

A survey from McKinsey & Company reported 80% of executives believe digital social collaboration technologies are the most important tool for their employees and organization overall. This is where the newly combined vision of iOFFICE and Teem aims to intercede – offering a more comprehensive, cutting edge suite of offerings; allowing customers to exceed their employees’ ever-changing expectations of the workplace experience to drive business success.

The growing iOFFICE family has a united mission: improving employee experience to meaningfully impact businesses. It’s an exciting time for the growing iOFFICE family, being at the forefront of deploying the technologies for companies that want an enhanced workplace today, while also embracing and preparing for the visions of the workplace tomorrow. 

Businesses invest a considerable amount of time, money, and resources into supporting new interaction types, embedding real-time insights into their strategies, and adapting their processes for mobile use. That’s why we don’t sit still for long. We’re intuiting underlying gaps and actively driving transformation to tackle workplace challenges and create positive experiences. That’s how we’re able to keep delivering real business value to our users, not only right now, but also for the years ahead. 

At the end of the day, real transformation starts with hard work. And our work is far from done. We will continue developing solutions to boost employee wellbeing, while overcoming workplace challenges to benefit everyone involved. Together, we are transforming office environments for the better. Together, that’s the best way to work.


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