iOFFICE Application Simplifies, Enhances Package Pickup on College Campuses

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on July 26, 2012

iOffice, a leading Integrated Workplace Management System and facility solutions provider, announces the development of a unique application that is revolutionizing the way that college students receive mail and packages. The application, developed by iOffice, takes all of the hassle out of receiving mail. It involves the strategic placing of kiosks around a college campus and alerts students of any mail or packages that are waiting for them just from the swipe of a student ID card. Students can then select whether they want to pick up their packages at the campus mail center immediately or at a later time.

iStock_86755497_LARGE.jpgiOffice’s solution was originally developed for a leading reasearch university, when frustration among the student population over poor service, long wait times, lost packages and overall disorganization with the mail system boiled over. Implementation of the system triggered and immediate change – student wait times decreased, student morale overall improved and iOffice’s application also helps the university learn about its activity, timeliness and performance thanks to the reports its able to generate.

“This application streamlines package delivery and ensures that students spend less time waiting in line for their mail and more time enjoying the college lifestyle,” says Don Traweek, President & CEO, iOffice. “When we heard about some of the mail center issues at the campuses across America, we knew we could develop a more efficient solution.”

Specifically, here’s how it works:

  • Packages come into the campus mail center and are checked into the system by the staff, so that they’re linked with the intended student.
  • When students swipe their ID at one of the campus kiosks and are notified of any received packages, the mail staff is alerted and can prepare the package for pickup.
  • The student then arrives at the mail center to quickly and easily retrieve their package.

What’s more is the system can also be used to notify and track packages for faculty and staff. And it comes with optional e-mail notification as well.

The system has since been implemented at Mercer University, Clemson, LSU, Columbia University and LeHigh University.


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