iOFFICE Recognizes 6 Outstanding Customers at Annual User Conference

by Elizabeth Dukes on May 17, 2019

At iOFFICE, our customers are our most important resource. Every year at our annual User Conference, we have the honor of recognizing some of those customers who have gone above and beyond in various ways. Here are six of our amazing customers who won this year’s awards at our Big Easy Workplace Summit in New Orleans.

Evangelist Award Barbara Notarile from Ford Foundation winning the Evangelist Award
BARBARA NOTARILE | Ford Foundation

“All in, all the time”

This year’s Evangelist Award went to Barbara Notarile who is a Building Services Specialist at the Ford Foundation. Barbara is constantly asked to be a reference for our product and is a true iOFFICE advocate. You can always count on Barbara to be a reference with a new prospectin fact, she referred one of our most recently signed clients! Barbara is always striving to help iOFFICE be even better through her candid feedback about what is working for her and what’s not. We are so thrilled to have Barbara and the Ford Foundation as a partner.  

Global Facilities Award  Alison Maillet from ConocoPhillips winning the Global Facility Award
ALISON MAILLET | ConocoPhillips

“Global mindset!”

ConocoPhillips came to iOFFICE from another software provider that wasn’t meeting their needs and although it may have initially felt like learning a new language, Alison quickly became “fluent” in iOFFICE and immediately began to see how easy it was to use in comparison with other workplace management platforms. As a Strategic Space Planner, Alison plays a critical role in ensuring a successful deployment of iOFFICE at ConocoPhillips and over just the last six months, she has been instrumental in its expansion across numerous buildings and adding an additional 1 million square feet of space. Alison has truly embraced the global mindset and has lead the way for her organization, which is why she was the winner of this year’s Global Facilities Award.

Jackie Lynch from Walgreens Accepting the Challenger AwardChallenger Award
JACKIE LYNCH | Walgreens

“Everything stems from an idea.”

The Challenger Award goes to the entire Walgreens team, and was accepted by Jackie Lynch. Walgreens thoroughly vetted iOFFICE during implementation, which resulted in constructive feature requests that have since been developed. Their rigor and dedication to their office has resulted in upgrades and many new features across the platform to the benefit of all of our customers. Their commitment to excellence has continuously challenged the iOFFICE team to consistently improve and continue to address all of our customers’ needs. 

Rockstar Rookie Award Yitsy Montano from Ultimate Software winning the Rockstar Rookie Award
YITSY MONTANO | Ultimate Software

“All amazing journeys begin with amazing people.”

Rockstar Rookie is a new award this year and it goes to Yitsy Montano at Ultimate Software. Yitsy and her team at Ultimate Software have been using iOFFICE for less than a year, but they are already spreading the word about the impact our workplace management software is having on their business. Yitsy even led a breakout session at the conference to share Ultimate Software’s experience onboarding 5,000 employees in 2 days! Yitsy is a true rockstar and we look forward to continue working with her in the future. 

John Palmieri from Bridgestone winning the Tech Savvy AwardTech Savvy Award
JOHN PALMIERI | Bridgestone

“Technology is a dialog with human potential.”

John Palmieri of Bridgestone is a true evangelist for iOFFICE. He had previously used iOFFICE before joining Bridgestone and was quick to implement it once he started in his new role. John had a very specific need; he wanted to report on the number of employees who were actually attending the office each day. In order to accomplish this for him, we implemented a badge integration program that provides John and his Bridgestone team with real-time insights into the day-to-day occupancy. But he took this even a step further by asking if we could make a heat map based on each time an employee badges in. We were able to create a custom integration that that would assign categories in the space module to each employee who showed up based on percentages of total employees. This has enabled Bridgestone to start implementing hot desking, which also allows them to hire more employees and determine who actually needs permanent seats. 

Marketplace Champion Award Nate McCormick from Quicken Loans winning the Marketplace Champion Award
Nate McCormick | Quicken Loans

“A Network of Uniques.”

The Marketplace was originally created to bring in different partners and technology tools that would integrate with iOFFICE. We can’t develop everything so we have to take advantage of the expertise of our partners. One particular customer has really taken advantage of the Marketplace by working with partners like VergeSense. Quicken Loans has deployed sensors across numerous buildings to elevate the employee experience. Quicken Loans really wants to understand how space is being used and to enhance the employee experience, which is why they were awarded the Marketplace Champion Award this year.


Congratulations to all of our winners. Together, there’s nothing we can’t do to create a connected workplace and elevate the employee experience!


Elizabeth Dukes

Elizabeth Dukes' pieces highlight the valuable role of the real estate and facility managers play in their organizations. Prior to iOFFICE, Elizabeth was in sales for large facility and office service outsourcing firm.

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