IWMS Partner Spotlight: CPM One Source

by Rich Peacock on February 7, 2018

When big companies need to plan for big moves, they call CPM One Source.

The commercial relocation and project management company has been in business for close to 20 years and has come a long way since it got its start as essentially two men and a truck.

Today, CPM One Source is less about offering manpower and more about offering relocation strategy and consulting services. One of the biggest factors that has made the company so successful in this area, says co-founder and co-owner Philip Sapon, is its use of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS). With a newly expanded partnership with iOFFICE, CPM One Source expects to add even more value to its clients. We spoke with Sapon to learn more about why our IWMS is crucial to his commercial relocation business and why he’s excited to be an implementation partner.

The Value of An IWMS In Commercial Relocation

Sapon and his partner, Ted Afetian, started out doing small office moves in 1993. As their clientele expanded to larger corporations, the team began installing cubicles, shelves and furniture, which required more planning. Over time, their focus shifted from working with purchasing managers to making recommendations to executives about how to make the most of the space they had, particularly after a merger or acquisition. As they developed these strategies, Sapon and Afetian needed a technology platform with real-time space planning and the ability to create different move scenarios. At first, they used a legacy CAFM software, but it required constant updates and was expensive to maintain. Worse, it rarely worked properly after an update. Looking for a better solution, the pair turned to the iOFFICE IWMS. The space management and asset management software allow them to show their clients how they are using their current space. With the move management software, they can create different scenarios and create a work order for each assets and task associated with the move when it’s time. They can also check the status of these assets and tasks to ensure nothing is left behind or forgotten.

In addition to using the IWMS software to plan their clients’ moves, CPM One Source also uses it themselves to keep track of client assets they are storing in warehouses.

“We learned firsthand that this is a user-friendly, cost effective way to manage space,” Sapon said. “I wholeheartedly believe in the product. (Our clients) like the ability to manage their campuses, create budgets for their footprints, manage preventative maintenance and have a work order system for customers and employees.”

Why CPM One Source Became A Solutions Provider

CPM One Source became a certified solutions provider for iOFFICE in December, achieving the highest level of partnership we offer. This enables them to build their clients’ IWMS software, upload floor plans and add furniture, quotes, budgets and assumptions.

“It allows CPM One Source to bring a holistic approach to clients that see the value of being able to manage their space, strategize for growth and manage their human resources,” Sapon said. “It really allows CPM to be the industry leader in relocation project management and consultancy.”

As Sapon looks to the future, he believes integrated workplace management systems like iOFFICE’s will add even more value as the workplace changes. For instance, the typical real estate portfolio for many companies has changed to include more short-term leases as the price of real estate rises. The addition of new lease accounting standards has also made digital lease management and asset management more important than ever.

Advantages of Becoming An iOFFICE Channel Partner

iOFFICE has an extensive network of channel partners across the world, with partnerships on six of the seven continents. Our program has three tiers, allowing companies to receive training on standard implementation of our IWMS, more comprehensive training and training on how to provide custom reports.

Our team offers your company the support you need to ensure your clients make the most of their investment in IWMS software. We also provide you with extensive resources and invite you to exclusive events, including our annual user conference.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

To learn more about what it’s like to work with iOFFICE through our channel partner program, contact us today. 


Rich Peacock

Rich joined iOFFICE in December 2014 as our Channel Partner Manager. Leading the company’s current channel partner program, he helps incorporate a structured system that's designed to support both existing and prospective partnerships.

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