Understanding IWMS Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

by James McDonald on June 11, 2020
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IWMS pricing can be confusing. With any software investment, you want to make sure you understand what’s included and what isn’t. No one wants to be surprised by hidden fees or additional charges they thought were part of the package. That includes maintenance, ongoing support for floor plans and training.

To help you better understanding how IWMS pricing works, we’re addressing our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

10 Common IWMS Pricing Questions

How much does an IWMS cost? 

An IWMS is a significant investment. According to the 2018 report, The Business Case for Integrated Workplace Management Systems, vendor data shared with independent research firm Verdantix shows the average annual costs for an IWMS range from $50,000 to $800,000, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

That’s why it’s so important to build a business case that includes your company’s estimated savings.  

To start building your case, you should factor in:

  • What you expect to save by eliminating redundant or legacy systems
  • How much time you’ll save by automating manual processes
  • How much you can save by better managing real estate costs

Taking the time to calculate your savings will give you a better idea of how long it will take to see a return on your investment in IWMS software. 

How does iOFFICE charge for its IWMS software?

Our IWMS pricing is based on a per module license, not on a per user license. For example, if you select the Space module, iOFFICE charges per square foot. We do this to help scale our software to fit a variety of customer sizes. The other modules in our platform have a flat fee for the initial setup and then a flat fee per month based on your specific portfolio makeup. This allows us to customize the platform to fit your specific scope. 

For example, a company may need the Space, Move and Asset modules for one location, but only the Space and Move module for another. We price our solution accordingly. Frequently, we create automated processes to share data with other systems in your technology stack. We charge a one-time flat fee to set up these processes with a monthly maintenance fee. Our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to plan and budget.  

Does your IWMS pricing include hosting, maintenance and software updates?  

Yes. While some IWMS software providers charge additional fees for hosting, maintenance and updates, our IWMS was designed using a software-as-as-service (SaaS) model from the beginning, so you never need to worry about being billed separately for them. 

That’s a huge advantage when you consider just how much a typical IWMS software update can cost. 

Our team has extensive experience working with other software providers, both as employees and as users, so we’re well aware of those costs. A conservative estimate can range from $25,000 to $50,000 to make these updates to an on-premise IWMS software system. That’s assuming the updates don’t require a major overhaul to your IT infrastructure. For large organizations that do require significant IT updates, it can be upward of $1 million. 

Updating on-premise IWMS software is also incredibly time consuming. It can take significant time to get budgeting approval, plan the updates and actually deploy them. 

That’s why cloud-based IWMS software is so much more cost-effective. All updates are made to the same system and rolled out to customers at the same time, with little to no downtime. 

Does your IWMS allow for bulk updates?

Yes, and we provide multiple options to best suit your requirements. We can update the system through automated processes that leverage our API. We also give you the ability to manually upload files to update key data points like assets. If you don’t want to load the file, we can support you.

Can I outsource my facility’s drawing management with iOFFICE?

We can support drawing management or we provide our customers the ability to update and manage their floor plans independently. iOFFICE provides a proprietary plugin with AutoCAD and Revit that makes this process seamless. We support plugin installation and give your team the training they need to efficiently manage drawing updates.

Does your IWMS pricing include a mobile app? 

While all our IWMS software modules include mobile apps, we also offer an employee experience app. The Hummingbird app is an extension of our IWMS designed to help employees navigate the work environment. Using the app, they can find people or places, reserve rooms, request service and receive mail, visitors or important announcements. 

As more organizations shift away from assigned seats and embrace agile work environments, they are adding Hummingbird to keep their workforce connected. 

Can I rely on iOFFICE for training?

As a standard practice, iOFFICE provides IWMS training via online meetings. Administrators and operators have found this to be an effective and successful way of learning our product. We have a dedicated engagement specialist whose sole focus is to coordinate customer transitions from the implementation phase to active use of the site.  

What is the iOFFICE uptime?

Our uptime is 99.98%, including maintenance, so customers have continuous access. We also give customers access to uptime statistics through our support portal so you can monitor performance in real time.

Does the visitor module allow for pre-registration?

Yes. Hosts can record an upcoming visit to their site so that a guest is fully registered upon arrival. To receive their visitor badge, they simply provide a form of identification. Pre-registration can be done individually or for multiple guests at once through a file upload process. The Visitor module also supports QR code scanning to reduce physical touchpoints and create a more seamless entry as more businesses shift to touchless experiences.

Do you offer custom IWMS pricing? 

Absolutely. Our team is committed to providing solutions, not just software modules. The best way to get an accurate understanding of IWMS pricing for your your organization is to talk with one of our enterprise sales representatives. 

They can help you identify the right pricing package based on the solutions you need, the size of your organization and your budget. 

Request a custom quote today to get started. 


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