LinkedIn Company Pages We Adore (and what makes them lovable)

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on February 12, 2016

It’s no secret your company needs a presence on LinkedIn, but some organizations are really hitting it out of the park. From their cover and logo design to the types of posts they share, and how they organize their showcase pages – these companies have nailed them all. We’ve gathered six of our favorites to share with you, and have pinpointed what makes them so great. You may be surprised to find out that the are all from very different industries, and all have their own unique style when it comes to their imagery and the types of posts they share. Check them out for yourself, and you might just be inspired to revamp your own company page. 



Known for their easy-to-use graphic design platform, Canva is no stranger to beautiful imagery. Their LinkedIn Company page boasts an image that shows viewers just what type of company they are. Approachable yet modern and lovely to look at. The young company proudly LinkedIn_Company_Pages_Canva_2.pngposts open job opportunities and blog articles on how their users can design even better graphics. They stay on top of current design trends for graphic artists that also appeal to lovers of all things design.

Canva also recently posted an article about their open-concept offices in Australia, where they talk about their company culture and office environment. Canva understands that most potential talent is seeking out companies on social sites like LinkedIn even before beginning their job search. Just as companies research potential employees, they should also consider it is a two-way street, and candidates are doing the same to them. Companies that don’t stand out to the young crowd may not receive applications from qualified candidates. You should showcase who your company is and what it stands for without really having to say so. Your cover photo and your posts alone should help do this for you, and Canva is a perfect example of a company that understands this and is doing it right.

BMC Software


One of our favorite LinkedIn Company pages is our very own customer, BMC Software. Their business model is written right in their description, so you get a sense of who they are and what they do right away. They have also added a Career tab, so interested candidates can immediately see open positions at the company. While this is a paid feature available through LinkedIn Advertising, companies can still take advantage of this by posting job opportunities directly to their company page feed.

“A global leader in software solutions that help IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage.”

The IT software company manages to get some serious personality into their page, something that can be difficult for a B2B company to do (we would know). They share relevant articles their almost 1 million followers would find useful, like a recent post to an post on remote working and how to find companies that offer the perk. They stay current on workplace and IT trends while keeping their posts friendly and informal, but still clean and professional – something everyone wants in a B2B provider.

Big Fish Games


Our fun-loving customer in Seattle, Washington has one of the brightest online personalities we’ve ever seen! With almost 10,000 followers, the largest distributer of casual games keeps their engaging theme throughout all of their social channels, including their LinkedIn Company page. The image they chose for their cover is just perfect, proving that they have many different types of customers all over the globe, but that they all enjoy one thing – gaming. They share updates to newly available games on their website and what’s currently in the works for the future with their followers. They also let their audience know what inspiration, person or place their game ideas come from, making their approach to social media interaction all the more authentic.

Now, as fun as their page is, they also take a professional approach to their LinkedIn page. Big Fish Games recently shared an article on potential job paths and educational classes gamers can take to help take their passion to a lifelong career. Talk about an awesome way to help your audience!



The marketing guru, HubSpot, has over 130,000 members following their page, and for good reason. The company based in Boston has always had a knack for reaching it’s customers with the types of articles and Screen_Shot_2016-02-01_at_4.29.25_PM.pngposts they most want to see. And not just about inbound marketing, the company realizes that they have the opportunity to be taking about everything that people deal with during a typical workday. This extends their reach beyond just their customers or potential customers, into everyone who works – which is a much larger span.

One recent post that received very positive feedback in terms of likes and comments was about “7 Ways to Do Your Best Work (By Forgetting About Work)”. HubSpot also recognizes they need to relate to people on a level that feels respected and welcome. You always learn something new when you visit their page, but aren’t intimidated by the content shared. HubSpot also features two of their own Groups on their page, to help followers connect with other users.

DLA Piper


A global law firm might not be the first place you think of when coming up with awesome, fun branding. However DLA Piper has managed to do just that. Given the seriousness of their profession, there is a certain level of professionalism they uphold – but their page isn’t boring or sterile, it’s full of color and showcases who they really are as a company.

Our customer has done a great job at connecting their main page with their Showcase pages, which highlight various departments and levels within the organization, helping people find the information they need quickly. They also stay current with what’s going on in their marketplace, for example, they recently shared an article on the liability laws regarding artificial intelligence, which everyone would be interested in reading. Keep it up DLA Piper!



Google always seems to be one step ahead of us all, and their LinkedIn Company Page is no exception. Almost 4 million followers can’t be wrong, following Google on LinkedIn keeps viewers in the loop on everything from articles on virtual reality to the others on the trending Sundance Film Festival. Like BMC, they also have a Career tab on the homepage.

Because of their wide reach in the business world, Google has added a tab titled, Affiliated Company Pages which highlights their other endeavors like YouTube and Nest. While this feature is available to everyone, LinkedIn strongly suggests that smaller companies use the Showcase Page option. They list on the help section of their website that an Affiliated Company Page is only need when:

  • There are distinct recruiting needs from the parent Company Page.
  • A team need separate page analytics, admins, a distinct hero image and distinct followers. 

Check out the Google LinkedIn Company Page if you are a large corporation with many outlining businesses. They organized their pages in a way that makes logical sense, and is easy for first time visitors to navigate.

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Kaitlan Whitteberry

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