LinkedIn Endorsements Every Facilities Manager Should Have

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on February 6, 2015

The modern FM is wise to utilize all tools at their disposal to increase their reputation and business profile.LinkedIn Endorsements Every FM Should Have Image Sites such as LinkedIn, specialize in connecting business professionals through the aid of our socially communicative internet world. Your professional experience and work history are on display for all to see, which can be a plus for anyone looking for work, attracting hires or wanting to grow business connections in their related fields of work. However, what is the reputation you’re fostering on your Linkedin profile? Would a potential employer see all that you’re capable of? Here are 20 endorsements which all FMs should look to include in their profile.


It goes without saying that a Facilities Manager would have experience in management, but sometimes the right type of management experience is more desirable than another.

  • Facilities Management should always find a place in your endorsements. There are many different types of managers, so be sure to make a clear statement of your specialty before adding.
  • Inventory Management is critical for keeping accurate records of your supplies or holdings, and is definitely something you want to show you can do.
  • Change Management refers to abilities pertaining to changing physical locations, which any FM will tell you is often quite the challenge. If you have experience moving an office or a team of people , be sure to include this in your list.
  • Construction Management assures others that you can handle projects of various size, scope and possibly with large groups of people that you may or may not have worked with prior.
  • Operations Management is also vital, as it conveys your abilities to oversee daily, weekly and monthly activities.
  • Vendor Management keeps you and your techs in the loop, and when on your profile lets others know you keep up with the latest advancements in technology and materials that could aid your team.

Budget Analysis

Another critical aspect of the FMs job is maintaining a solid focus on the bottom line. This makes the CEO happy and allows you greater scope to determine plans for the future of your office.

  • Budgeting, as an endorsement, becomes important for displaying your monetary management skills which any potential employer wants to see you have.
  • Financial Analysis takes your qualifications a step further and often suggests a link to a degree or specialized training.
  • Purchasing or Acquisitions are both especially vital for an FM who is often in contact with the bookkeeping office. Be sure to have this listed so others know you can communicate with those departments.
  • Contract Negotiations listed on your endorsements will be especially prized, if hiring employees or sub contractors is a regular aspect of your job description.
  • Strategic Planning will promote your abilities to look to the future and make plans or change plans on short notice, which is always a part of any successful FM’s job.


Yet another key part of an FM’s responsibilities is to completely understand who you work for, as well as with, and the field of business you are a part of. Knowing what your superiors want and in turn being able to express those same ideas to your team and see them execute is the ultimate goal.

  • Research and Negotiations speaks to your ability to understand your competition, colleagues and field of business on a deeper level while then also implementing this acquired knowledge to strengthen your position.
  • Team Building is critical in choosing the right parts and grooming these parts to work together as a well-oiled machine. Be sure to mention this on your profile if you have had experience bringing groups together.  We even created an ebook with this topic in mind that you might be interested in learning more.
  • Team Leadership is a skill that every hiring manager would want to see because it applies to so many different levels. If you’re the Director of Facilities Management or the head Facilities Manager at your office, this is a must-have for your list.
  • Public Speaking shows you have the confidence to clearly state goals, objectives and expectations in front of an audience, or your team.

Image Of Man Using Tablet LinkedIn Endorsements Every FM Needs

Other Smart Endorsement Options

  • Logistics shows that you have an ability to pay attention to detail and highlights your unique ability to plan at a large scale.
  • Social Networking or Computer Systems is one of the newer, yet no less important skills and endorsement for an FM to have. Communication has been aided so greatly through the advent of faster digital systems, therefore a qualified FM might be well versed in these areas. Be sure to highlight these if you are.
  • Project or Event Planning is a plus for showing great organizational skills and your ability to gather a large group of people together. This “out-of-the-box” skill would be impressive to have on your profile.
  • Customer Service is always at the forefront of every good FM’s skills and will continue to be of value in any industry you’re part of.
  • Last, but not least, you should have a few endorsements which pertain to the industry in which you are an FM. For instance, if you are managing healthcare facilities, an endorsement in or related to healthcare is always a good choice to have.

Also, while you’re editing your profile you may want to check your page and rid it of the 10 worst words to use on LinkedIn according to Inc. Magazine. As our world moves faster and faster every day, it becomes important to make a mark that others will quickly recognize. Being able to promote yourself will also promote those who you’ve worked with, which is a win for everyone involved.


Kaitlan Whitteberry

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