Expand Mail Room Capabilities Through Mail Management Software

by James McDonald on November 24, 2015

While most forms of communication have become electronic, a certain amount of paper-based correspondence and packages are still received by organizations on a daily basis. For any item that is received from a courier orOffice buildings often receive many packages each day
 delivery service, the courier typically requires a signature of receipt by the organization upon delivery. Once the organization signs for the item, the organization is responsible for ensuring it is delivered to the correct recipient in a timely manner. In order to ensure this process is managed with integrity, it is imperative for the organization to gain a signature of receipt from the final recipient. Depending upon the size of the facility you manage and the volume of items you are receiving and delivering, tracking these transactions can be a daunting task. Mail management software provides the ability to accurately deliver items in a timely manner and effectively manage a chain of custody.

What is Mail Management Software?

Mail tracking software tracks all forms of accountable mail including inbound, outbound, and internal mail, ensuring all deliveries are accounted for with speed and accuracy. Tracking numbers are scanned capturing critical package data and the recipient’s name is quickly searched and assigned to the item utilizing a mobile device. The software then automatically sorts the packages for delivery based on the optimum delivery route. Once the package is delivered, the recipient signs for the package via the mobile device, much like signing for a FedEx package. All transaction data is archived in the company’s mail history to ensure accountability, should you need to refer back to the transaction history at a later date. This technology ensures mail and packages are delivered efficiently but also demonstrates to the employee population, especially the Millennial group, that your organization has embraced technology at all levels of the organization to create the most efficient work environment.

Reporting Helps in Understanding Mail Room Needs

As management teams strive to deliver workplace efficiencies to their workforce, access to data has become more critical than ever. Your Mail module allows you to collect valuable data regarding the volume and efficiency of package delivery. Timestamps and real-time metrics offer you a better understanding of the deliveries taking place in your facility, helping you better manage and refine your process. There is also flexibility for generating standard reports or creating more specific or distinct reports for departments, services, or individuals. With this bevy of available data, informed and precise decisions are much easier to construct and enact.

Mailroom management is made easier with IWMS software

Workflow Enhanced Through Mobility

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is critical that your operational teams have access to mobile tools that are easy to use and readily accessible. As a result, iOffice is introducing a new mail app for the smart phone. We are moving away from dedicated devices for tracking and signature capture, to the devices most of us carry in our purses or pockets….smart phones. This new app allows you to perform all the basic scanning, tracking and signature capture function that exited in the previously supported mobile hardware just with a more intuitive smart phone app. We have also added some extra features to further enhance workplace efficiencies.

Speedy check-in: Allows users to process batches of packages that are all being delivered to the same place. This batching feature ensures that notifications are not sent out, until all items in the bundle are ready for pickup.

Leader boards: Departmental managers can view leader boards by department, offering quick access to mail productivity levels for both check-ins and deliveries.

Track health information: Link the mail mobile application to your Healthkit app to track your daily steps. Healthy living is always a plus, but some insurance companies even offer offsetting premium prices for customers who are active in their desire to stay healthy. A win-win for both.


With the advent of internet and e-mail et al, business mail services were often forced to shift designs and focus to remain relevant in the business world. And, although there may have been a stronger argument a decade ago for the decline of physical mail services, mailrooms and mail delivery systems are still critical to business operations. The difference now being, they have been given a boost in abilities by incorporating much of the same technology that once threatened their existence. See for yourself what these expanded abilities can do for your efficiency and bottom line.

iOffice’s mobile application is currently in Beta for iPod Touch (latest generation) and iPhone (5s and newer). If you are interested in testing out this application, please contact iOffice by phone at 713-526-1029, or e-mail at [email protected].


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